3 Things To Do Before You Invest In SEO

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“Ready, fire, aim!” is a bad business strategy, but one a lot of companies use for SEO without even knowing it. Before your business invests in an ongoing SEO campaign, make sure these things are in place.

  • An SEO-ready website. If your website lacks the “plumbing” to support on-site SEO, it will be your worst enemy. The best website platform is an open-source CMS that allows you or the SEO agency to add optimized content with ease. If you’re not sure your website is SEO-friendly, contact us — we can let you know.

  • Strong calls to action. SEO can bring a lot of good traffic to your website, but once visitors arrive, converting them into leads is the name of the game. Smart companies give users good reasons — free offers, extended warranties, etc. — to phone in or submit a contact form.

  • A content creation plan. For off-site SEO, companies must be able to produce, or have their agency produce, intriguing content other websites in the industry are eager to publish. Do you have good topic ideas? Do you have data, case studies and insights others in your niche are eager to see? When companies “make it up as they go along” with off-site content, link building and traffic generation efforts go sideways.

Are you ready for SEO? We hope so … but even if you aren’t ready, or aren’t sure, please contact us. We can give you a quick assessment and help you set the stage for success.

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