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Creating Lead-Generation Websites that Get Results

Web Design Objectives

An eye-popping first impression takes you only so far. As advertising legend David Ogilvy observed, “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.” Our Web designers understand that your site needs to be a show horse and a work horse. With that in mind, we create designs that not only impress visitors, but also inspire them to take action.

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Make Your Site a Selling Machine

The best Web design company is one that understands Internet marketing – and that is us. Your new site will have a solid foundation for effective Internet marketing, so that it attracts traffic that converts into sales leads. Marketing features of your site include:

  • SEO. Your site will be fully optimized for search engines, so that your content is visible to people searching for the products and services you sell but don’t know who you are.
  • Responsive Web Design. Your site will adjust automatically for optimal viewing on desktops, tablets and smartphones. With the surge in small screens for Internet access, a responsive site is critical for not only attracting new customers, but also for holding on to existing ones.
  • Lead Tracking. Your site will be configured to enable you to know the source of every lead your site attracts.
  • User Experience (UX). One of the major goals of a creative Web design is to make it simple and intuitive enough for users to find exactly what they need as quickly as possible. Our team includes UX specialists who focus on making your site please visitors rather than frustrate them.
  • Conversion Optimization. Another critical objective for our Web design agency is to make your site persuasive. It’s not enough for users to be impressed by your site – they need to understand what they should do as a next step. We work with you to develop offers and incentives that encourage users to contact you or learn more about your business.

Depth, Expertise and Collaboration

Our creative process is highly collaborative, with the first step always being to listen carefully. We want to understand your business objectives, your brand, the needs of your customers and the competitive landscape. Our team of over 60 full-time, in-house employees has professional Web design experience in both strategy and execution. And because we have so much depth, the success of your Web design project never hinges on the talents or availability of a single individual.

Get Your Site On Time and On Budget

Our documented Web design process is highly sophisticated, with work broken down to the most granular level. Experience has taught us that discipline as well as creativity is fundamental to an effective site design. Our process has evolved over time and is proven to be an indispensible tool for delivering new sites on time and on budget.

What Next?

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The imagery, messaging and overall organization of our new site is perfectly aligned with our business strategy and the needs of the rapidly changing clinical research environment. Straight North did an excellent job of helping us clarify our value proposition and bring it to life.

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