In Web Design, The Less You Say The More You Sell

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One of the biggest problems in website design is when a company tries to cram its whole story on every web page. The “information dump” approach confuses website visitors, and probably drives away more conversions than it attracts. Here’s how a company with nearly $80 billion in quarterly revenue and $27 billion in cash flow does it:

Sixteen words of copy. One simple image for each product. Two simple calls to action (repeated). Tons of white space. Apple has perfected simplicity in web design. How does your website stack up against this benchmark?

Why Saying Too Much Undercuts Lead Generation

You might be thinking that Apple can afford to be edgy in its web design — everybody knows the brand; everybody knows the products. Doesn’t matter! The principles Apple employs on this web page hold true for any business. Consider:

  • The more you say about your company, products and services, the more likely website visitors are to run across some statement that turns them off.
  • Too many calls to action create indecision. Learn why.
  • If calls to action are hard to find because the web page is cluttered, visitors will give up even when they are interested.
  • The purpose of a lead generation website is to capture conversions — phone inquiries and form conversions. The purpose is not to have the website do the entire sales job.
  • Cluttered web pages create a negative brand impression. Visitors get the impression your company is as disorganized as your web page.
  • For mobile users, all of the above problems are magnified a hundredfold. If a web page is cluttered in desktop view, it is going to be nearly incomprehensible on a mobile phone. Disaster! Mobile Internet usage exceeds desktop usage, and the gap is widening. Turning off mobile visitors is a risk no company can afford.
  • In many businesses, and to meet SEO requirements, detailed content may be necessary, and there are ways to add information to a website without cluttering the design. Technical content can be layered into the website on lower-hierarchy pages, or inserted in tabs or on pop-up screens, for instance. The key is to balance user needs with other business needs, and never lose sight of the fact that the purpose of the website is to generate leads.

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