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Insurance companies face competition from every angle, from global conglomerates with deep marketing pockets to niche firms with dazzling expertise. But any insurance company that clearly understands its customers, communicates convincingly and implements the right marketing campaigns can overcome competitive challenges — and prosper.

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Tips for Using Marketing For Insurance to Build Business

In the world of insurance, marketing is the fuel that powers business — it’s what builds an agency’s brand, attracts new leads and helps turn those leads into clients. That’s why small agencies and nationwide brands alike understand the value of working with an insurance marketing company.

A professional insurance marketing company will be able to evaluate a business’s messaging, study the competition and conceive a strategic plan that can maximize revenue. Using a combination of insurance marketing services — from Internet marketing to referral incentives — it can optimize outcomes and help an insurance agency grow.

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What are some of the most effective insurance marketing services used by companies in the industry today?

  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing. One of the oldest and most valued forms of marketing is the simplicity of satisfied customers spreading the word. While some level of word-of-mouth marketing will always be organic, insurance companies can harness the power of this strategy in a few ways. Creating branded business cards to hand out to clients, creating incentive programs to reward referrals and being faithful to thank/reward clients who bring in new business can all go a long way toward building more insurance referrals.
  • Local Events. Particularly for small insurance agencies that focus on a specific geographic area for clients, attending local events can be a great way to promote insurance services. This could mean sponsoring charity events, participating in festivals, or speaking at local business gatherings. Having well-branded creative materials to hand out is useful at such events, so prospects leave with brochures, business cards or other collateral advertising your insurance services.
  • Internet Marketing. In today’s technological society, many people go online when they want to buy something — and that includes insurance. Insurance agencies can make themselves easier to find by creating strong online presences. An insurance marketing firm can create a responsive web design that works on various devices, use SEO (search engine optimization) to improve results in search engines, create PPC campaigns to push a company to more obvious spots in search engines, and more.
  • Email Marketing. Reaching out to prospects via their inboxes is another way to establish authority, build credibility and convert leads into clients. What makes email marketing effective is strategy, another service that an insurance marketing firm specializes in providing. Insurance companies need to carefully manage their contact lists, segment their audience into different groups for personalized messaging, and constantly monitor and adjust their campaigns for better results.

The strategies above are just a few examples of the possibilities with marketing for insurance companies. Knowing what combination of strategies to use goes back to finding the right insurance marketing agency. When an insurance company partners with the right marketing firm, it will be able to see a boost in leads and conversions, leading to a better bottom line.

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