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The home services market is exploding with competition today, as major online companies dive into services such as plumbing, flooring, storage and renovation — and capture more of the market share. That’s why, now more than ever, there is more competition for brands in this industry — and why knowing how to use and strategize home services marketing is so important.

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For a landscaping company or flooring business that wants to stand out, marketing for home services offers a way to differentiate a brand from the competition and attract new business. The key to success in this arena, however, is strategy, which a home service marketing company specializes in providing.

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What a Home Services Marketing Agency Provides

When a company partners with a marketing agency that understands the industry, it gains dedicated support in targeting and reaching its audience. Rather than trying every marketing strategy possible, it can focus its efforts on the proven, most effective methods of increasing business. Here are some of the ways an agency determines which methods to employ.

  • Industry Knowledge. By evaluating the home services climate today, an agency can recognize what methods are providing the best marketing results at the best value. Whether this means Internet marketing and search marketing through SEO and PPC, or this means traditional methods such as direct mail or giveaways, depends on data.
  • Researching the Competition. An agency will look at the primary competitors for a home industry brand, and determine what sets that brand apart from the other guys. Using a strategic blend of home services marketing services, it will then seek to make the brand more visible in the industry.
  • Marketing Expertise. Just like a storage company understands storage, a marketing company understands marketing. Working with a professional home services marketing company gives a you the asset of expert marketing support. Rather than having to divide its resources into the services it provides and the marketing of those services, it can rely on the help of a company that knows what works best.

Some of the Home Services Marketing Services Available

For a better idea of what services a home services marketing agency may provide to you, here are some of the most popular, trusted methods.

  • Responsive Web Design: With so many people searching online for home services, it only makes sense to create a professional web design. When consumers search for pest removal or pet boarding in a given geographical location, for example, responsive web design makes it easier for them to find a specific company — whether they’re on smartphones or desktops.
  • Email Marketing: Companies can target prospects through their inboxes with email marketing, a tool that can build a sense of expertise via content, attract prospects with discounts, and/or remind customers of what a business offers.
  • Online Marketing: For increased traffic and online leads, tools such as search engine optimization and PPC can be helpful, boosting a company in search results and helping it gain visibility online.
  • Local Events: Particularly in industries where the local market is key, local events are a great way to attract prospects. A home services marketing firm can empower a brand with marketing materials such as brochures, business cards and tradeshow displays that help it make the most of event connections.

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