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One of the biggest challenges facing financial advisors today is finding ways to get out in front of new clients to grow business. Many Americans, especially millennials, are confused about what exactly financial advisors offer, making them unlikely to seek out service.

But even for prospects interested in financial advice, there’s a lot of competition between financial advisors — and it’s harder than ever to get noticed. So how do advisors attract new leads/customers? The answer for many financial advisors is marketing.

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The Value of Working With a Financial Advisor Marketing Company

In order to attract new prospects who don’t realize they need financial support, today’s financial advisor marketing needs to include education on the volatile, complex environment that makes financial planning vital. When prospects understand the need for financial advice, they’ll be more likely to seek support. This is why working with a financial advisor marketing company can be so useful for building business. A firm dedicated to financial advisor marketing will know how to research the market, analyze the competition and identify differentiators that set one advisor apart from the others. Then, working with that information, an advisor can implement a data-driven marketing strategy, using the agency’s recommendations of financial advisor marketing services.

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Types of Financial Advisor Marketing Services Available Today

  • Strong Branding: Given that finances are such a personal topic, strong branding is vital for connecting with and attracting clients today. An agency can help a financial advisor create a strong brand identity that appeals to a targeted demographic.
  • Internet Marketing: In a world where virtually everyone uses a computer or a smartphone on a regular basis, it makes sense to target prospects where they are. That’s why no strong marketing strategy today neglects the power of the Internet. Financial advisors need professionally designed, responsive web design to increase visibility online, as well as strategic search marketing via SEO and PPC to draw more visitors to their sites.
  • Content Marketing: Strong, professional content — both online and offline — can help an advisor build a reputation for expertise and credibility in the industry. This is another area where a professional financial advisor marketing agency can help — by planning, creating, sharing and promoting relevant content that builds professional awareness.
  • Community Events: Face-to-face networking is still valuable, especially for advisors who target a specific geographic area such as a town or county. Whether it’s by sponsoring a local charity event, hosting a block party or getting involved with some other creative endeavor, advisors can spread the word about their services through community gatherings. To make the most of these events, they’ll want branded business cards and marketing materials to offer prospects when they connect.
  • Mailings: Both direct mail and email marketing can help attract clients, at least when they’re done strategically, and backed by research and data. By working with a professional financial advisor marketing firm, an advisor gains a leg up on the competition and can better target prospects with relevant content that converts.

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