The Key To Internet Marketing Success – ABT

Not seeing improvement in your Internet marketing campaign? It could be that you’re violating the key rule of Internet marketing — ABT.

What is ABT?

Always Be Testing.

Whether it’s SEO, PPC, email, social media or whatever, there’s a tendency to put the campaign on autopilot. Big mistake. Internet marketing campaigns are, by nature, measurable. You have the ability to collect data that tells you how many conversions you’re getting, where your website traffic is coming from, which keywords produced conversions, etc.

If you’re not using this data to experiment, to test better ways to improve results, you’re failing to take advantage of Internet marketing’s most valuable ROI attribute.

Because Internet marketing lends itself so well to testing, it can be said the first day of a campaign is the worst day. If a campaign has been on autopilot from day one, it’s not only settling for second best, it’s settling for worst. Here is a short list of things to test for various types of campaigns.

  • Broad versus targeted offers
  • Call to action button color
  • Call to action button design
  • Calls to action
  • Content style and voice
  • Email frequency
  • Email plain text versus HTML
  • Email subject lines
  • Font selection
  • Headlines and subheads
  • Images and photos
  • Inquiry form content
  • Inquiry form design
  • Keyword focus
  • Landing page content
  • Landing page design
  • Long content versus short content
  • Navigation elements and functionality
  • Offers
  • PPC ad text
  • PPC bid timing
  • Pricing
  • Trust indicators

Of course, haphazard testing leads to haphazard improvements, which is why having a sound testing methodology is important, especially for larger campaigns where a great deal of data needs to be analyzed.

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