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Today's assisted living communities are experiencing higher vacancies than in generations past, as many adult children are choosing to keep their elderly parents at home longer.

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One way to combat this trend is to ensure your assisted living facility and its benefits remains at the forefront of the minds of those who might be considering a different housing option for their parents. Marketing for assisted living communities focuses on reaching the adult children who are making housing decisions for their parents. You need to make sure your facility is viewed as a quality, caring facility that is the right choice for those who need help. Here are some assisted living marketing tips that might help you in that endeavor.

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Become the Expert on Elder Care

Most adult children or caretakers arrive at the decision to place their parents or loved ones in assisted living after a significant amount of research about elder care. Make your website and blog the places to go for information. Add email marketing campaigns that deliver helpful information to the recipient’s inbox. If you are the expert source on elder care that can be trusted for advice on issues facing loved ones at home, you will likely be the expert they trust when additional help is needed.

To become this assisted living expert, you must have a website. Talk to an assisted living marketing company to discuss web design, and make sure your website is easy to navigate on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Avoid an overly sales-focused message — instead, showcase your facility subtly, while providing helpful information for families potentially in need of assisted living care.

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Position Ads on Search Engines

Some families or caretakers will find you through online searches. Once they realize assistance with elder care is needed, they’ll likely turn to Google (or other search engines) for information on nearby facilities. Purchasing online ads — via pay-per-click (PPC) campgains — can boost your visibility to make you a more viable option. With PPC, you are charged only if someone clicks on the ad. With the help of an assisted living marketing agency, your ads can be quite effective in attracting more clients.

Optimize Your Website

After creating a webite and PPC campaigns, you need to make your website visible. This requires search engine optimization (SEO), which uses links, keywords and web design to help your site show among the top results. SEO is complex, but working with an assisted living marketing firm can help simplify and maximize this strategy.

Use Photos to Showcase Your Facility

When it comes to choosing an assisted living facility for their parents or loved ones, adult children or caretakers want to see that the space is clean, inviting and comfortable. As part of your Internet marketing, use photos to showcase the cleanliness and quality of your facility.

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