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The roofer is probably the last person a homeowner wants to call. Either it’s emergency repairs, routine maintenance or general upgrades. In short, roofing isn’t as glamorous as other major home improvement projects.

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So where does that leave you, the roofing company? You’ve got the monumental task of selling a much-needed service that keeps creeping down your customer’s to-do list. The heaviest burden can be the actual marketing of your services. A roofing marketing company is challenged to identify all possible communications channels, and help you put resources into the ones that work.

A comprehensive roofing marketing plan can take an otherwise difficult message (“About your roof … you should probably fix that”) and make it more appealing to customers who need your services now, as well as the ones who should probably stop putting this off.

Should I Scream From the Rooftops?

No. Don’t do that. Even if you did, your target customers are probably too distracted online to even notice. If you take that message online, on the other hand …

A roofing marketing agency knows that even if the roof is physically collapsing, the homeowner will still take time to browse the Internet. To reach them, you must employ a comprehensive Internet marketing plan.

Drip, Drip, Drip

You can’t patrol the homes of potential customers to spot leaks, but you can follow the online search patterns. Any online roofing marketing services should include elements of search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC).

Inevitably, the victims of a leaky roof will punch in the logical search terms to find a roofing company. A roofing marketing firm is also watching those terms, and either placing ads accordingly or strategically incorporating them into their web copy to improve search engine ranking. So when the hunt begins, your roofing company’s name will naturally drift to the top of the list.

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Convincing Them to Raise the Roof

Not all roofing projects are the result of an emergency. It’s those projects that can be a harder sell. You don’t have the luxury of a desperate customer, but you might have an advantage if you can attract a forward-thinking homeowner.

In addition to Internet marketing tactics, you’ll want a web design that inspires confidence. You want convincing messaging (How often is roofing maintenance needed? How can I get ahead of costlier roofing issues? What are the current options for a smart upgrade?). You’ll also want it to be memorable enough that when the visitor finally decides to pull the trigger, they’ll be able to make their way back to your website.

Similarly, a word-of-mouth campaign based on digital presence and email marketing can go a long way toward growing your customer base beyond the usual suspects. Your roofing marketing company should be able to know what messages resonate the most and which are shareable.

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