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Whether it’s a downtown boutique, a shopping mall chain store, a big box retailer or an online retailer, every business that sells products to consumers knows the challenge of constantly needing to pull in sales.

Finding new buyers is an ongoing necessity, one that requires strategic retail and e-commerce marketing. Additionally, for brands that focus on small, low-cost products, it’s imperative to not only drive frequent sales, but also a large number of sales day to day.

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What Is Retail & E-Commerce Marketing?

In the world of retail, marketing involves a variety of strategies aimed at building the brand’s visibility and increasing sales. When a brand works with a dedicated retail and e-commerce marketing company, it can build a tailored marketing plan backed by data about the industry and the competition. This plan will combine various services to attract customers.  

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While the specific marketing plan for each retail store will vary, there are some basic services that stand out in the industry. Typically, a retail and e-commerce marketing agency will recommend a combination of the following strategies:

  • Clear Branding: Good branding is about much more than just a name and a logo, although a retail and e-commerce marketing firm can help with those marketing necessities. More than that, it’s about identity — focusing on the differentiators that set a brand apart, and using them to create an image that customers understand and remember. Beyond initial strategizing, a retail and e-commerce marketing company can provide various branded items, including business cards, brochures, pamphlets, etc.
  • Internet Marketing: With the majority of consumers spending a huge chunk of time online, Internet marketing offers a low-cost, big-impact way to communicate with an audience. This is as true for brick-and-mortar retailers as it is for e-commerce companies. From email marketing to social media, there are various online strategies that can help a brand get noticed.
  • Responsive Web Design: When potential customers look for products that a retailer sells, it needs to be easy and convenient to find what they need. Responsive web design ensures that every user has the same viewing experience, whether they’re on a desktop or a smartphone. Likewise, strategies such as SEO and PPC can help a brand move forward in search results to increase traffic and get more leads.
  • Direct Mail Marketing: There’s a good reason so many retailers rely on direct mail — it still gets results. Working with a retail and e-commerce marketing agency can help a retailer or e-commerce site find the best ways to utilize mailers to stay in consumers’ minds and generate new purchases.
  • Content Marketing: Content is huge today, not just because of how it increases visibility for a store, but also for how it can position a retailer as a leader in the industry. This is another area where a retail and e-commerce marketing company can help a brand move forward, through a strategic content plan that attracts customers.

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