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In today’s competitive health care industry, every physician needs clear, targeted physician marketing in order to attract patients and grow business.

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That’s why working with a physician marketing company is so important.

A physician marketing firm will know how to produce better outcomes through online and offline marketing strategies.

Backed by an understanding of the industry and competing businesses, a savvy combination of physician marketing services can be aimed at attracting new patients, strengthening bonds with existing patients, and building the practice’s business.

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The Challenging Health Care Market

Years ago, physicians grew their patient list simply by delivering good service. A plethora of online information has provided more options for patients, who typically research providers before making appointments. While this theoretically improves quality of health care in general, it’s also a challenge for doctors who hope to keep a steady stream of patients coming through their doors.

Instead of focusing on care, many physicians are tasked with trying to market their services to prospective patients who are considering competing services from other care providers. A physician marketing agency can take the guesswork out of a practice’s marketing plan, providing a practitioner with strategic services catered to him or her.

Clarifying a Brand and Identifying a Target Audience

Good marketing starts with branding — physicians need clear, effective branding if they’re going to reach their desired audiences. With that in mind, a marketing agency can objectively look at the practice and its differentiators, forming strategies for a clear branding image, message and content. All other marketing services will reinforce that brand, sending an effective message to prospects and patients.

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Some of the Leading Physician Marketing Services

For physicians looking to grow their practices, a variety of marketing strategies are available. From Internet marketing to email marketing campaigns to office brochures, each of these methods has different benefits to offer a practitioner. Internet marketing and web design, for example, help doctors improve their online presence — especially with patients seeking information via search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can also help the physician’s website rank higher in search results — resulting in better visibility online.

Many doctors’ offices use email marketing to target prospects and patients, establishing authority and maintaining connections. Likewise, branded marketing materials such as business cards, brochures, presentations and infographics all can be helpful for increasing exposure and improving business.

Creating a Specific Plan for Each Physician’s Office

There are so many ways to market a physician’s services, often making it difficult for doctors to know where to focus. Working with a physician marketing agency can provide the necessary clarity through a customized marketing plan. For doctors who are ready to grow their practices and find new patients, Straight North offers some of the leading marketing services in the industry today. Our medical marketing is aimed at helping physicians generate and convert leads, establish authority and build their practices.

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