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For anyone familiar with the pet-sitting industry, it’s no surprise to say that marketing and advertising are paramount.

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If a pet sitter is going to stay busy and keep growing, he or she needs to regularly be attracting new clients. Realistically, the best way to do that is through smart and strategic marketing for pet sitting services.

The main challenge is that pet sitters aren’t always sure how to go about pet-sitting marketing. What strategies are most effective? What’s worth the investment and delivers the best results? This is why, typically, to ensure good outcomes, pet sitters will benefit from the support of a pet-sitting marketing company.

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How a Pet-Sitting Marketing Company Can Improve Business Results

For pet sitters, gaining the support of a professional pet-sitting marketing agency means gaining industry insight, strategic marketing strategies and dedicated help at reaching customers. A pet-sitting marketing agency can analyze the market, research the competition and create a comprehensive marketing plan to reach a sitter’s desired clients.

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Smart Strategies Used in Pet-Sitting Marketing

There are many ways for pet sitters to increase visibility and generate leads. A strong marketing plan may include a variety of the following pet-sitting marketing services:

  • Creating a Responsive Website. When local pet owners go online to find sitters, they’ll have an easier time finding a specific business when it has a strong online presence. This means both a web design that works across all devices, and savvy Internet marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC and email marketing to drive more traffic.
  • Sending Press Releases. Announcing news in press releases can be an effective way to generate buzz and build interest in a specific pet-sitting service. A pet-sitting marketing firm can help a business create relevant, timely press releases that draw new leads.
  • Handing Out Business Cards. Whether they’re placed on community bulletin boards at dog parks and veterinarian offices, or handed out at businesses and social events, business cards are one way to help connections remember a specific dog-walking service.
  • Taking Advantage of Email Marketing. When strategically planned, email marketing can be a great strategy for staying in the minds of prospects and promoting special discounts, programs or services. Emails can also be useful for encouraging referrals and word-of-mouth interest in a company.
  • Using Local Advertising. Pet sitting tends to be a local business, so advertising in local stores, print publications, blogs and other mediums can be effective, too. Pet sitters can also benefit from creative, branded materials such as brochures and flyers to use for increased local visibility.
  • Keeping Active on Social Media. Thanks to the low costs and convenience of social media, it can be a relatively big-impact way to boost pet-sitting business. Through strategic content such as posts, images and event announcements, pet sitters can stay in the minds of prospects and past clients.

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