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A successful video ad campaign drives traffic, increases conversions and grows revenue. Straight North creates relevant, engaging and informative campaigns that place video ads where and when they will be most impactful — to your audience as well as to your business.

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Comprehensive Video Advertising Services

Our video advertising agency helps you to promote your brand, products and services in an entertaining way. Our expertise extends to running video ad campaigns on many platforms: Google ads appear on YouTube and on websites and apps running on the Google Display Network, Microsoft Audience Network ads are seen by potential customers watching content on MSN and Microsoft News, and Meta video ads reach people across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and the Meta Audience Network.

Watch for Your Video Advertising Advantages

More people are watching video than ever before. Video ads present an opportunity to capture the attention of your target audience while they are engaged.

Increase Brand Visibility

Combining visual, audio and text elements, high-quality and captivating video ads increase brand visibility and are more memorable than other ad formats.

Precise Targeting

We help you target your video ad audience by specific demographics, online behavior, interests, life events and more.

Massive Reach

Reach new customers through a vast audience of billions of users on social media platforms and other websites to drive traffic and conversions.

High Ad Engagement

Video grabs attention through movement and sound, and tells the story better than text. Users remember what they watch more than what they read.

Measurable Performance

Depending on your desired results, we measure important metrics such as views, awareness, recall, traffic, lead generation, purchases and other KPIs.

Enhance Marketing Channels

Video ads increase brand awareness, keeping your brand top of mind, which increases the performance of your other marketing campaigns.

A proven partner trusted by the biggest names in the industry:

Video Advertising Is the Medium to Watch

If video advertising is not currently part of your marketing mix, then you should seriously consider adding it. But before you do, be sure to choose the right video marketing company to work with you. Straight North has a full bench of experienced and knowledgeable paid advertising specialists and account managers on staff. We work as a team with a single goal in mind: to help businesses like yours succeed.

Our video advertising company understands all the nuances of video marketing. Whether we find that Google, Microsoft or Meta ads are your best bet, we will run your video advertising campaign according to best practices and collaboration that are unmatched in the industry. Now is the time to take advantage of the boom in video viewing to start or improve a video ad campaign. Don’t miss out on this popular advertising trend!

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Our video marketing agency creates and manages video ad campaigns for companies of all types and sizes. Our success lies in following a process that fits your requirements. 

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