PPC for Manufacturers

Can manufacturers generate sales leads using PPC (pay-per-click) advertising? More than ever, the answer is yes. PPC on Google, through the Google AdWords platform, is a perfect complement to SEO, and has some distinct advantages as well.

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Here are the major reasons why this is the case.

1. Google Ads Look Like Organic Results

A big concern about PPC among manufacturers has been that organic search engine results are more credible than ads. Sure, consumers will click on an ad if they’re in the market for a mobile phone case, but will corporate buyers click on an ad for a five-figure food processing machine?

While there may have been some merit to this concern in the past, Google has steadily changed its page design to make ads almost indistinguishable from organic results. Ads no longer look like a used car lot; instead, they look as streamlined and reliable as your manufacturing process.

2. Google Ads Put You on Top

Not only do ads look like organic results, ads put you at the top of the page on Google – immediately. SEO (organic search engine optimization) takes months or longer to kick in, but with PPC, once you’ve selected the keywords, created a campaign strategy and set a budget, your ads appear.

This immediacy factor is tremendously important for:

  • New product rollouts
  • Special offers (e.g., free installation, extended warranties)
  • Products/equipment that have been rebranded or re-engineered
  • Companies that have been spun off, acquired or otherwise rebranded

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3. PPC Can Be Controlled and Measured With Precision

Manufacturing businesses succeed through efficiency, measurement and continuous improvement. PPC is identical.

  • PPC costs can be budgeted to the penny.
  • Campaign KPI data can be measured to the click.
  • PPC specialists test and evaluate changes properly and steadily to improve lead generation.
  • Not working? Your PPC can be shut down in an instant. It can be reformulated and relaunched in short order as well.

Why Straight North for Manufacturing PPC

Straight North has been managing PPC campaigns for manufacturing companies since 2002. We know the territory.

  • Our specialization in manufacturing is an important issue when you are evaluating options. Consumer PPC and manufacturing PPC are quite different in terms of content style, offers, landing page composition and keyword targeting, to name a few of the most important issues.
  • Our copywriters, designers and PPC specialists are experienced in communicating with B2B buyers and influencers. In addition, our experience gives us deep insight about which keywords and campaign strategies are most likely to get results – that is, most likely to generate a lot of high-quality sales leads.

3 More Reasons Why We'll Help You Succeed With PPC

  • Straight North is a Premier Google Partner, which means our specialists have been trained and certified in Google AdWords campaign management. We are also an Accredited Professional for Bing Ads.
  • Our PPC team will manage your campaign on one of the most sophisticated PPC software platforms in the world, enabling us to analyze data and manage testing with the highest possible efficiency.
  • We value long-term business relationships. That means we’re transparent and plain-speaking in our communication and reporting, and we’ll tell you the good, the bad and the ugly about your campaign without waiting to be asked.

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