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Clear the runway — when it comes to marketing for luxury brands, the rules are different. Luxury consumers love the brick-and-mortar experience, so many luxury brands have not yet made Internet marketing a priority. However, times change. Recent market research reveals that nearly 50 percent of luxury sales are influenced online, and that the percentage of such sales is growing rapidly.

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In the competitive world of luxury brands marketing, having a strong online presence is therefore a clear advantage. But you can’t market luxury items the same way you market goods to the mass consumer. Instead, leverage the following principles to strengthen your luxury brand online and position yourself well in the digital space for years to come.

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Make a Luxury Impression

You recognize a high-end product when you see it. Every last detail screams quality. The same is true of luxury storefronts. They exude an aura of distinction. Your website should give the same impeccable impression.   

Web design for luxury brands should be visually clean and convey the essence of your brand. However, don’t make the mistake of sacrificing functionality for design. Hiring a full-service luxury brands marketing firm to design your site will help ensure that your luxury website not only looks stunning, but creates an unforgettable online experience for your customers, and supports your marketing plan effectively.

Cultivate Exclusivity and Status

A big part of the appeal of luxury brands is exclusivity: the promise of being seen and recognized as part of something elevated from the ordinary. There are two key aspects to building this dynamic:

  1. Your brand must be recognizable. That means, no hiding online. You want your site and your brand to be as visible as possible. You can do this through strategic use of SEO, PPC, display advertising and social media. Many of these strategies require significant online marketing expertise, so if you do not have a crack in-house marketing team, consider hiring a competent luxury brands marketing agency to manage your account.
  2. You must create perceived barriers to accessibility. This creates a “velvet cord” effect: only the privileged few are allowed, which heightens desire. Appropriate pricing is, of course, a large component of this. However, you can heighten the effect by implementing additional strategies such as exclusive online events (a virtual fashion show, perhaps?) or special VIP sections of your website that only existing customers can access.

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Promote Loyalty and Engagement

The success of your luxury brand depends, in large part, on creating a loyal following. There are many ways to do this online. Social media is one. You will want to encourage your followers to engage and share online, which helps to cement their identification with your brand.

Email marketing is also an essential way to engage with your customers, and promote loyalty and a sense of exclusivity. If you are not sure how to effectively implement email marketing for luxury brands, consider engaging an experienced luxury brands marketing company to manage this aspect of your marketing.

Integrate Your Digital and Offline Marketing

Finally, keep in mind that offline marketing is still a central factor in marketing high-end brands. Your customers want to experience your products firsthand. However, many will check you out online first by scoping out your site and reading online reviews. Take advantage of this habit by using digital marketing techniques to strategically funnel consumers from the Internet to your brick-and-mortar stores and events.

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