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At one time, a job well done was all the marketing your lawn care company needed. Not anymore. The rise of the Internet and Internet marketing has made all industries, including lawn care, more competitive.

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Your potential customers aren’t going to their neighbors for recommendations on lawn care service. They are going online. If you hope to grab additional business, you will need to embrace online marketing. Here are some proven lawn care marketing strategies you can implement to make yourself successful.

Create an Online Presence

Potential customers will likely go online when looking for a lawn care company, so meet them there. In fact, the vast majority of your target market will search online for lawn care service before ever calling a company. That’s why building a website is a critical component of marketing for lawn care companies.

Your online presence starts with a solid website. Partner with a lawn care marketing company to create a web design that will showcase your work and services well. Make sure the design is mobile-friendly. Then, utilize search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to help the website rank high in search engines. SEO involves keyword strategies, content creation, link building, and the website’s structure to make it appealing to search engines — the goal is to have your site listed at or near the top when people search for lawn care in your area.

Furthermore, make sure your online presence includes social media. From Facebook to Twitter, you need to be seen on the social networks where your customers spend a lot of time.

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Utilize Email Effectively

Email marketing can be effective for lawn care businesses. If you have a newsletter that’s sent via email, you can notify customers about times when they need your service(s), encouraging them to schedule early before you get booked. For instance, in the spring you can send an email reminding them that it’s time to fertilize and re-seed; you can send information about fall lawn care a few months later. Include discounts and coupons to make your emails enticing.

Pay for the Right Online Advertising

If you are going to pay for online advertising for your lawn care business, consider using pay-per-click (PPC) ads. PPC allows you to buy ads based on keywords, and you will pay only when someone clicks your ad. PPC campaigns can be targeted by geography, allowing you to showcase your services to people in your community or a specific geographical location(s). A lawn care marketing agency will help you choose keywords and create content for landing pages and ads to generate highly qualified leads.

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Brand Yourself As an Authority With Content Marketing

Round out your online marketing efforts with content marketing, which uses content to share your business information and your knowledge of the market. Online content can include:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Photographs

Consider using content marketing to teach your customers (or potential customers) how to care for their lawns between your service visits. You can provide valuable tips, while also branding yourself as a lawn care expert. Talk to a lawn care marketing firm about how to get started with content marketing.

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