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In the past, marketing for landscaping companies relied on word of mouth. People would notice the beautiful landscape job a company did for their friends and neighbors, and would contact that company for their own homes and businesses.

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Yard signs on completed jobs would draw additional traffic. Today, word-of-mouth landscaping marketing is still highly effective, but the online marketing world has blossomed for landscaping companies as well. Here are some of the best landscaping marketing tactics you can use in the digital age to get your message about your services to more people.

Create Profiles on Niche Review Sites

Review sites are valuable to businesses of all types, but when it comes to landscaping, you want to be listed on specific sites that benefit your niche. These sites will give potential customers the confidence that you aren’t a fly-by-night company, and they will be more willing to hire you as a result. Make sure you are listed on:

  • Yelp
  • Houzz
  • Angie’s List

After creating your profiles, invite happy customers to post reviews so you can instill trust in those who see your profiles.

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Use Social Media Effectively

Social media marketing must be part of your Internet marketing strategy when you run a highly visual business, such as landscaping. With pictures of completed jobs on your social media business pages, you can showcase your portfolio more easily. Also, when you’re on social media, your satisfied customers can tag your business page when they post pictures of the work you did for them. Finally, social media profiles rank well in search engines, so they add more credibility to your business when prospects are researching your company.

Effectively Run Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) can be an effective way to draw targeted traffic to your site, but it needs to be managed well to ensure you aren’t wasting money. PPC programs allow you to create keyword-based ads for search engine results pages, but ones that will charge you only when someone clicks on the ad. Working with a landscaping marketing company can help you target the right keywords, and implement solid web design strategies to create landing pages that will convert clicks into qualified leads to make your PPC campaigns more effective.

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Optimize Your Website

Create a website that showcases your work and outlines your pricing, then ensure that it is properly optimized for search engines. Smart search engine optimization (SEO) tactics will help your website rank as high as possible when someone searches for landscaping services in your area. If you aren’t sure how to optimize your site, partner with a landscaping marketing firm that has solid SEO strategies and success. Also, ensure your website is mobile-friendly, so people can easily find your information no matter what device they are using.

Use Content to Draw Website Traffic

Content can help create a feeling of trust between you and your customers. Consider starting a blog to post “how to” tips that will help customers keep their landscaping looking its best. Use email marketing campaigns to offer sales and generate new work as you seek to keep your company in the minds of those who have done business with you. The more helpful information you can provide through content marketing, the more your customers will trust you with their landscaping work in the future. Work with a landscaping design agency to strategize about your content marketing.

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