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IT providers live and breathe technology, and their customers know it. So when it comes to marketing for IT services, Internet marketing rules the day.

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There are so many Internet marketing options available that it can be hard to know how and where to start marketing your IT services business online. Taking a helter-skelter approach rarely works. Instead, follow this four-step IT services marketing plan to start generating serious business for your IT company. 

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Step 1: Make Your Competition Irrelevant

The IT space is a competitive one. However, you can make your competition irrelevant with this three-step process:

  1. Laser-target messaging to your ideal customers. Don’t be afraid to narrow down your audience. When you speak directly to the unique needs of your ideal customers, they will view you as the solution to their problems.
  2. Focus on the unique benefits or combination of benefits only you can offer them. What distinguishes you from your competition? Play it up!
  3. Make a compelling offer they can’t refuse. This may be a free trial, a low-cost initial offer, and/or an offer of information such as a free report or recorded webinar that turns your website visitor into a bona fide lead.

Keep in mind that the quality of your web design is a critical factor for IT services companies. A primo website enhances your credibility and will improve your lead generation and online sales results, so be sure to hire a competent and experienced IT services marketing company to create yours.

Step 2: Turn Your Website Into a Destination

Even a sharply designed website won’t help your business if no one visits. The next step is search engine optimization (SEO). A strong SEO campaign is a must to generate organic traffic to your site. It will also build your credibility, expert status, and site authority as you post guest articles elsewhere online that point back to your site.

Best SEO practices change constantly, according to the whim of Google. Many IT companies find it well worth their while to hire a good IT services marketing agency with strong SEO expertise to manage this aspect of their marketing.

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Step 3: Use Online Ads to Quickly Generate Traffic

Search engine optimization is extremely powerful, but it can’t be scaled up quickly. If you are just starting out — or any time you want to generate significant traffic at will — you’ll need to advertise. The best place to start with online advertising is with a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign on Google, Facebook and/or similar platforms. You might also want to consider online display advertising.

Online advertising is a highly strategic process that requires extensive research and split testing as well as expert creative skills to generate optimal results. If you hire an IT services marketing firm to help, be sure to ask for references.

Step 4: Create a Killer Follow-Up Strategy

80 percent of sales happen only after the buyer has had five or more contacts with your business. If you want to maximize returns from your website traffic, you’ll want to have an effective follow-up plan. The most effective way to do this is by implementing an email marketing campaign. This will also allow you to easily generate additional sales from existing customers.

Having all four of the above elements in place will quickly put you in the top echelon of IT services companies, and make you a formidable presence in the marketplace!

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