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Today’s fitness industry is more competitive than ever. That’s why, in order for a gym to stand out in this marketplace, it needs strategic, targeted gym marketing.

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By partnering with a gym marketing company, a fitness center gains a way to target a specific audience with professional branding, content and offers. It makes marketing decisions backed by data and research instead of blind faith. Then, determined to be noticed, it’s able to surge ahead of the competition and achieve measurable outcomes, whether that means more clients, better clients and/or a stronger image in the marketplace.

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How to Use Testimonials and Referrals to Drive Business

In a service industry such as fitness, happy customers are some of the best advertising options. When prospects hear that existing members and clients are happy with a gym’s service, the prospects are more inclined to trust it, too. Some of the leading ways to encourage word-of-mouth gym referrals include:

  • Posted Testimonials: Whether in video or written form, video testimonials are a great example of strategic content marketing for gyms. Prospects typically respond well to examples of satisfied clients, so these testimonials make great content for online and offline marketing efforts.
  • Referral Programs: To encourage more members to refer friends and colleagues, gyms can use incentive programs that reward individuals who make referrals. This strategy works well to drive more clients because members have a reason to post about the gym’s service.

The Value of a Responsive Web Design

In an industry where image is so important, first impressions are especially vital — both online and offline. Just as a gym needs to display a professional image and desirable services when people visit, it also needs to use savvy marketing to create a good first impression to online visitors. A professional gym marketing agency can design a responsive website that will perform well on any device, from a smartphone to a desktop computer. Likewise, it can use strategies such as professional branding, online content marketing, testimonials and other elements to create a site that draws visitors.

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How Internet Marketing Plays Into Lead Generation

Before potential members can benefit from a gym’s website, they need to know it exists. Internet marketing uses tools such as search engine optimization and PPC ads to make a website easier to find and be noticed. Along the same lines, email marketing can still be an effective tactic, sending highly relevant messages to prospects’ inboxes.

Why It Makes Sense to Work With a Gym Marketing Firm

A professional gym marketing firm specializes in researching the market and competition so it can use a custom blend of gym marketing services to build business. This can help a gym know what marketing services are worth pursuing and which aren’t worth the investment. What’s more, a gym marketing company can track results and keep monitoring outcomes over time in order to continually refine marketing to drive better results.

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