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From restaurants to gyms, franchise businesses need marketing if they want to generate new leads and win over new clients.

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Even with national or regional advertising help from the overarching franchise brand, there’s the reality of driving sales at a specific location, all while staying within parameters of franchise rules and trademarks.

How a Franchise Marketing Firm Can Help

This is why franchises typically benefit from the support of a franchise marketing company. A professional franchise marketing company will know how to leverage tools — from Internet marketing to direct mail campaigns — to attract new customers and build business.

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Reasons to Market a Franchise

While many companies help their franchise locations with marketing, there is always more that can be done. Franchise owners who want to stand out in the industry will take advantage of marketing strategies that build business. Here are some of the reasons why marketing for franchises is so important.

  • Increases Local Visibility. In order for potential customers in the area to know about a specific franchise, that franchise has to build local brand awareness. Through marketing, more people find out what a store, service or shop offers.
  • Expands Audience. Passivity is a recipe for disaster in any industry, but especially for franchises that think they can rely on national branding to keep growing. In reality, franchise marketing is paramount to staying relevant, gaining new customers and moving forward.
  • Differentiates. One of the best ways to distinguish a business from its competition is through marketing that highlights its features, emphasizes its unique value and makes it stand out in the minds of prospects.

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Leading Types of Franchise Marketing Services

For franchises looking to expand their reach through marketing, there are a variety of strategies available. A professional franchise marketing firm will be able to evaluate a brand’s industry, competition and needs in order to develop a smart program. Some of the leading types of services used today include:

  • Internet Marketing: Working with a franchise marketing agency typically means creating a responsive web design (if a franchise doesn’t already have one) that can display on all devices. Then, search marketing (SEO and PPC) can draw more visitors to that site.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing today can be highly effective when driven by data and strategy.
  • Direct Mail Marketing: For franchises targeting a specific geographic audience, direct mail marketing provides a way to reach out to locals with discounts, coupons or other advertising.
  • Promotions: Running promotions can be a great attention-getter for franchises, whether that means a 24-hour sale, giveaway or special event. To get the word out about the promotion, franchises can use both traditional and online media, including social networks.

When it comes to franchise marketing, the most important factor is strategy. This is why partnering with a reputable franchise marketing agency is so crucial — it gives a franchise a partner committed to helping it grow.

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