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When people need dry cleaning, how can you be sure they choose your business instead of your nearest competitor? You should do all you can to ensure your dry cleaning business is visible. Dry cleaning marketing tactics will help to ensure that people are choosing you, not your competitor.

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Here are some marketing strategies for dry cleaning you can implement to improve your visibility.

Take Your Marketing Online

If you are focusing entirely on offline marketing, such as paper mailings and signage, taking your efforts online should help you achieve greater success. Studies show that today’s consumer is going online for information about local services more and more, so make sure you are clearly visible to the online consumer.

Internet marketing starts with a website. Talk to a dry cleaning marketing company about proper web design to ensure your site is easy to find and navigate. Incorporate information about your services, pricing structure and customer loyalty program on your website.

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Optimize Your Online Presence

After building your site, incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to push it to the top of search engines. SEO involves keyword research/strategy, quality content and outreach to earn links in order to prove to Google that your site is valuable when people are searching for dry cleaning services in your area. Further optimize your online presence by listing your dry cleaning company with review sites (such as Yelp), and creating social media profiles for your shop on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. For dry cleaning companies, targeting geographic-centric keywords is critical because your market focus is those in your community.

Use Email Effectively

Have you been using direct mail fliers to send coupons and alert your target market about your special offers? Email marketing does the same thing, but more affordably — and online. Once you gather email addresses from your customers, send them emails about upcoming specials, for example, and you will see more repeat business. Also, ask for new customer referrals in exchange for coupons. With the help of a dry cleaning marketing agency, you can also use email marketing campaigns to keep your name top of mind with new customers.

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Utilize Paid Traffic

The best online marketing leads are those actively searching for a dry cleaner. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising makes your shop more visible to this particular market. With PPC, you pay for ads to appear on search engines based on your choice of search terms and geographical coordinates — and are charged only if someone clicks your ads. Pay per click targets people who need what you offer, so work with a dry cleaning marketing firm to set up an effective PPC campaign.

Local Marketing Efforts

In addition to your online marketing strategies, make sure to use offline techniques, too, to draw local traffic to your store. Effective strategies for dry cleaning companies include:

  • Incentive-based referral programs
  • Partnering with other local businesses for referrals
  • Customer loyalty discounts and punch cards
  • Direct mail coupons
  • Window signage

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