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When people need a caterer, where do they go? If they don't hear from someone through word of mouth or because they loved the food at a recent event, chances are they are going to search online.

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As the owner of a catering business, you need to employ proper marketing to ensure your company is the one they find. Here are some catering marketing tips to make sure that happens.

Create a Lead Generating Website

The catering industry is one in which you need to be found online, and a website that can generate leads is a critical component of your marketing strategy. Use good web design strategies to build a website that looks appealing, and make sure you post plenty of pictures of your mouthwatering food. Then, practice search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to pull traffic from the search engines. By utilizing smart keywords and linking strategies, you can get your website to rank at one of the top spots in the search engines.

On your website, consider adding a lead capture form. Once you have email addresses from potential clients, you can filter them into your email marketing campaigns to keep your business front of mind. By utilizing SEO to rank well, then creating a website that captures email addresses, you will find greater success with your online marketing efforts.

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Consider Adding Content Marketing

You may think that content marketing doesn’t play a role in your industry. After all, do people really want to read about food? Maybe, maybe not. Still, content marketing is more than just written content. In addition to blog posts, which can attract customers by posting party planning tips and other event planning strategies, you can post photos from recent events, videos to help party planners with their work, and specials that may entice new first-time buyers. A catering marketing company can help you create and customize a content marketing strategy that is in line with your overall Internet marketing strategy.

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Paid Online Marketing for Catering Companies

The best site visitor to get on your catering website is one who has an upcoming event and is ready to hire a caterer. If you are going to spend money on online marketing, use pay per click (PPC) to grab some of these potential customers. PPC advertising allows you to pay for ads that show up on the search engines when people search for specific keywords, while paying only when someone clicks the link. These ready-to-spend customers are likely the ones you want. With the help of a catering marketing firm, you can choose the most effective keywords to zero in on your target market, increasing your chances of snagging some business from those people who are ready to spend their money on catering services.

Use Social Media

Social media marketing is highly effective for caterers. When your customers have events, they are going to post pictures. If you have a solid social media presence, you may be able to have them tag your business, driving more potential customers to your social media pages, website and business. Be active on social media so you can grab some of this traffic, and work with a marketing firm that offers social media advertising as part of its catering marketing services.

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