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When people want to have their carpets cleaned, who will they call? To ensure your company is one they consider, you need to have a strong carpet cleaning marketing strategy.

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Today, marketing for carpet cleaning companies needs to include both online and offline options. Here are some tips that will make your marketing more effective.

Create Social Media Profiles

“Before” and “after” photos are powerful advertising tools for carpet cleaning companies, and social media profiles give you places to share those photos. Set up Facebook and Twitter profiles not only to post photos, but also to get your contact information in front of potential customers. Social media pages also rank highly when people search for your company name, so they will help your overall visibility.

Create a Solid, Mobile-Friendly Web Presence

Take the time to create or update your website. Make sure your web design is mobile friendly so customers earching on their phones can find your pricing and contact information. Working with a carpet cleaning marketing company will help ensure that your site is reaching your target audience.

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Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising

In a competitive market, one way to ensure your company is among the first that people see when they search for carpet cleaners is via pay-per-click advertising (PPC). PPC ads target specific search terms, and are listed as sponsored posts in search results. With these campaigns, you are charged only when potential customers click your ad. Choosing the right keywords can be tricky — you must balance your location targeting, the words people will search and the competition for highly desirable keywords — but once you find the right balance, PPC is quite effective.

Optimize Your Website

When people search for carpet cleaners in your city, you want to be among the top five companies they see in search results. This requires search engine optimization (SEO) — tactics that use links, keywords, tags and other strategies — to make your site appealing to search engine queries. A carpet cleaning marketing firm can assist with optimization.

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Content and Email Marketing

Content marketing uses content to draw traffic to your website and brand your company as an expert. With the help of a carpet cleaning marketing agency, you can establish a blog to post carpet care tips and industry news, keeping your site fresh and customers engaged. You can also share articles and blog posts to create an effective email marketing campaign.

Tap Into Effective Offline Strategies

Once your online presence is where it needs to be, consider offline strategies that may complement your overall marketing efforts. Common carpet cleaning marketing tactics include:

  • Community mailers
  • Coupons
  • Billboards
  • Posters and signage
  • Storefront offers
  • Customer referral incentives

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