Why Google Shopping Ads Should Be Part Of Your Arsenal

For e-commerce companies, Google Shopping campaigns are a highly attractive component of the PPC campaign. Our clients have been having great success with them — here is why.

  • Shopping campaigns almost always have a lower cost per click than regular PPC. For our clients running both Shopping and PPC, Shopping campaigns on average have a 70 percent lower cost per click.

  • Shopping campaigns allow advertisers to bid on products instead of keywords. This allows advertisers to bid higher on products that provide higher average order values, conducive to ROAS-based bidding.

  • Initial Shopping campaign setup does not require extensive keyword research like that of PPC. As long as products are accurately represented on their respective websites and the product feed is set up properly, Google will automatically find relevant traffic.

  • Shopping space on SERPs has more real estate than PPC ads and organic results. Thus, advertisers can display there at a lower cost on average:

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