PPC For Dentists — Does It Work?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising works well in many industries, but we’re often asked if PPC is a good Internet marketing option for dentists. Having managed numerous PPC campaigns for dental practices, we can say without reservation, yes. Here are some of the top reasons why PPC for dentists works.

Desktop Users: PPC Ads Look Like Organic Results

Recent changes in how Google formats ads on SERPs (search engine results pages) make PPC ads look quite a bit like organic results. Here is an example:

Organic and paid results look similar

Here is part of a SERP for a Google search for “dentists chicago”. Note the ads at the bottom are in line with the organic results, and have a similar look. While some search engine users may be skeptical of clicking on a dental practice ad that looks like a neon billboard, today’s Google ads have a professional look that gives users confidence.

Mobile Users: Google Ads Look Even Better

The story improves for mobile users! Here is what the same Google search looks like on an iPhone:

Calling made easy

Again, ads are not easily distinguishable from organic results — with the added advantage a click-to-call phone icon making it uber-easy for a mobile user to phone the practice.

Mobile search for dental practices is a BIG consideration: Mobile Internet access now exceeds desktop access (!), and the vast majority of mobile searches have local intent. This means a strong Internet marketing program for mobile users is imperative for dental practices, and PPC should be very much a part of it (based on our experience with clients).

Smart PPC Campaigns Are Necessary

Of course, any old PPC won’t do. In fact, a poorly conceived and managed campaign will fail badly. Elements of a solid campaign include:

  • Keyword research — Selecting the right target keywords.
  • Campaign organization — Structuring the keywords into the right groups.
  • Budgeting — Striking the balance between economy and the ad spend needed to get results.
  • Tracking — Setting up the campaign to track all leads granularly back to the source.
  • Testing — Knowing which campaign elements to test and how to properly test them, in order to get continuously improving results.

Done right, PPC enables dentists to attract new patients and provide new services to existing patients and their families. If you’d like to learn more about how PPC can work for you, please contact us now.

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