nano Contest Results!!

Thanks to everybody for participating in Straight North's 8 Gig iPod nano giveaway! A big, special thanks to Robert Hruzek, Robyn McMaster, Jeanne Dininni, Joanna Young, and Jacob Share for hyping the contest even though more participants meant a lesser chance of winning the iPod nano (which Mr. Hruzek shrewdly observed in one of his posts).

It never ceases to amaze me how people can look into the crystal ball and come up with so many exciting and unique meanings and interpretations. So what did everybody see in my little cartoon? Here are all the entries.

Darlene McDaniel saw a clear lesson for managers on communication.

Bob Hruzek saw a reason to look before you leap.

Ellen Weber saw a window into the mind's response to words.

Joanna Young saw a need to be careful with words in her podcast post.

Robyn McMaster saw guffaws and compiled an awesome link list to some of the funniest stuff I've read in quite some time.

Jeanne Dininni saw a complete portrait of how a writer writes. Jeanne, you are a marvelous writer and I think my cartoons bring out your best!

Yvonne Russell saw the little things -- how a small error can have large ramifications.

Dexter saw an important lesson about search engine optimization, which was about the last thing I expected to see!

John Crickett saw a page from his own marketing past which he shared in a valuable lesson.

Derrick Kwa saw a sharp point and didn't mince words explaining it! I like the way he thinks.

Erica DeWolf saw the importance of market testing. Yet more valuable insight for marketers and entrepreneurs.

Jacob Share saw humor (of all things!), and put together a very funny list of Craigslist job titles and descriptions. Be sure to click on the links.

And finally, my own vision of what happened to poor Mr. Gas Station Guy. I love happy endings.

Well, thanks again for joining in. I think you'll find something valuable in each and every post. I guess that covers it, so ... oh, wait. I forgot about the PRIZES. Does anyone want to know who won the books and the iPod nano? O.K. Well, the winners (drumroll/apologies to Robert Hruzek) are ...


The Word Sell business books go to ... Mr. John Crickett! (applause)

and the 8 Gig iPod Nano, a $200 value, goes to ... Dr. Ellen Weber! (ovation)

Congratulations to you both! Please send me your mailing address (and John, your two book selections), and your gifts will be on the way right away.

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