Great SEO Is A Valuable Corporate Asset

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Companies invest in SEO to generate sales leads or e-commerce revenue. This is as it should be.

There is, however, a big advantage to SEO — a major fringe benefit — companies perhaps overlook.

SEO, executed well, creates a valuable corporate asset: high organic search visibility on Google.

High organic search visibility on Google is a big competitive advantage. It can take new competitors months or even years to catch up, and then only with a big investment. If your company stands out among existing competitors in rankings for important search terms, your competitive advantage is even more significant.

If you are thinking about selling your business now or five years down the road, a strategic buyer may be willing to pay more if you are strong or dominant in organic search, and are getting a sizeable amount of traffic and conversions as a result. Why?

Because if you were weak or nonexistent in organic search, the buyer of your business would have to invest thousands over several years to create that organic traffic and those conversions.

Something to think about. Something to talk to your SEO clients about.

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