3 Huge Reasons To Build A New Company Website

Creating a new company website from the ground up is a time-consuming project that often turns out to be costly, frustrating and distracting. If you've ever been involved with a website development project before, you probably aren't eager to go through it again unless you have to.*

So, when do you have to? What are the signs you need a whole new website as opposed to making tweaks to your existing site?

This is a really important question to investigate. A lot of companies contact us because they want a new website, but after a bit of conversation and analysis, realize they really don't need one. On the other hand, we've seen many companies flounder with their online marketing because their websites are hopelessly ineffective — and these companies don't recognize the problems or appreciate the severity.

Here are three reasons to strongly consider a whole new company website.

1. You want to get serious with SEO.

If your website wasn't built to support a full-blown SEO campaign, and you now want to run one, it may well be less expensive and far more effective to rebuild the site from scratch than try to patch together 200 fixes to make your current site capable of supporting your effort. We can help you determine whether a new site is necessary with an SEO audit.

2. Your site is on an antiquated or poorly supported platform.

If your website was constructed on an open-source or proprietary platform that hasn't kept up with technology or is slow in providing support, it's usually a good idea to cut your losses and rebuild on a dynamic platform such as Drupal or WordPress. A common (and huge) problem with outdated platforms is inability to implement a mobile-friendly site. Staying the course on a substandard platform means more downtime for your site, less flexibility in adding content and functionality, and greater risk of going offline completely if the platform shuts down.

3. You want to add significant website functionality.

If you've had a site, say, for brand presentation and now want to roll out e-commerce, you'll probably need a whole new platform and site design to support it. This issue also comes into play when you want to integrate your website with back-end operating systems such as CMS or ERP. Before you talk to any web development agency about your project, be sure to document in as much detail as possible all the functionality you need. Otherwise, you're likely to wind up with a new site that's overkill or completely inadequate.

Not sure whether you need a new website? It's wise to proceed carefully — please contact us to discuss your project.

* We have web development options you might not have considered. For instance, for relatively simple websites, we have an express development track that can bring your new, fully customized website to life within one month.

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