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Looking for the best Baltimore digital marketing agency? Look no further! Straight North has deep roots in Baltimore, MD, thanks to our acquisition of Ephricon Web Marketing.

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Why Straight North Is a Top Baltimore Internet Marketing Services Company

We’ve worked with many leading Baltimore companies, including Under Armour and Black & Decker.

Successful Internet marketing requires partnering with an agency that combines strategic creativity with expert execution – a Baltimore online marketing company like Straight North.

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Full Range of Services

Most companies realize the best results by using a variety of Internet marketing campaigns. We have them all: SEO, Pay Per Click, display advertising, email marketing and more. For small-and medium-size companies, there is terrific lead generation potential in all of these services.

Lead Validation & Reporting

Straight North is the only Baltimore Internet marketing company that validates sales leads in real time, and reports them to you through an easy-to-use online dashboard. This enables you to review leads while they are hot, and take further action to close the sale. See our lead validation infographic to learn more.

Large, Expert Staff

Our large, full-time, in-house staff includes Web designers, developers, copywriters, Internet marketing specialists, analysts and account managers – all the people necessary to create and execute imaginative and lead-producing Internet marketing campaigns.

A proven partner trusted by the biggest names in the industry:

5 Internet Marketing Tips

  1. Conversion Optimization. Here’s a simple one that a surprising number of companies miss: Is your phone number always visible in mobile views of your website? If not, it should be. Mobile users may be ready to call for more information, to place an order or to schedule an appointment at any time while they are browsing your website. Use “sticky” navigation in your mobile website design to keep the phone number (or phone icon) in view at the top of the page as users scroll down. This simple technique has a profound impact on lead generation.
  2. Display Advertising. Strangely, while every company looks for “low hanging fruit” in its Internet marketing efforts, not too many take advantage of one of the best ways to find it — display advertising. Display campaigns target users who have visited your website or viewed your off-site content, making them far more qualified than random users. Targeting can be further sharpened to limit display ads to users who have viewed specific website pages or submitted inquiry forms. Thus, display ads, when properly conceived and executed, tend to achieve much higher conversion rates than other types of campaigns. Definitely something to consider!
  3. Phone Tracking. Google Analytics is an ultra powerful tool for managing Internet marketing campaigns, but it is a mistake to rely on it exclusively. A good example of why is phone tracking — Google Analytics doesn’t do it. And without tracking phone inquiries, you will underestimate the performance of your Internet marketing campaigns, and by how much you will never know. Since phone leads are often the best leads, be sure to set up a granular phone tracking system that traces phone inquiries back to their marketing source.
  4. SEO. Have you thought about page loading speed in terms of SEO? If not, you should. Page loading speed is an important ranking for Google, and rightfully so. Few things aggravate search engine users as much as clicking on a link that takes forever to load. Many factors affect loading speed, including design, server performance and image download handling. Speed issues can be domain-wide or confined to specific pages or sets of pages, so make sure a competent developer reviews performance regularly to spot and correct problems.
  5. Social Media. Companies often ask: Does social media marketing have an impact on SEO? The answer is yes and no. In terms of direct impact, social media mentions and shares correlate with better SEO performance, but do not necessarily cause it. However, when your website content is widely shared on social media, it receives a wider audience and potentially more website traffic; if the traffic is relevant, it will improve lead generation and online revenue production. Content is shared on social media when it is useful, relevant and authoritative — and it so happens, this is exactly the kind of content Google likes to reward with higher rankings. In this way, social media marketing indirectly leads to better SEO performance.

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