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Seeking the perfect partner for Washington, DC Digital marketing? Look no further! Straight North has a strong presence here, thanks to our acquisition of Ephricon Web Marketing.

We’ve worked with many leading DC companies, including Dataprise, Overhead Door Company and XO Communications.

If you’re wondering whether you are getting the best return on your Washington, DC Digital marketing services investment, let’s talk. We will help you generate more sales leads and meet your ROI objectives.

Why Straight North Is the Best Washington, DC Online Marketing Agency

All the Digital Marketing Services You Need
Most companies get the best results through a diversified digital marketing strategy. Our Washington, DC Digital marketing company offers all the necessary options: SEO, PPC, display advertising, email marketing and more. There is terrific lead generation potential in all of these services.

Lead Validation & Reporting
Straight North is the only DC Digital marketing company that validates sales leads and reports them to you in real time. You can review leads while they are hot, and take further action to close the sale. Also, you will know exactly what kind of leads your campaigns are generating.

Large, Expert Staff
Our full-time, in-house staff includes Web designers, developers, copywriters, Digital marketing specialists, analysts and account managers – all the people necessary to produce imaginative and lead-generating campaigns.

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5 Digital Marketing Tips

  1. Branded PPC. A branded PPC campaign targets keywords that include the name of your brand or company. While focusing on branded keywords may seem counter-intuitive, branded campaigns are in fact terrific PPC performers, for a number of reasons. First, branded campaigns generate lots of click-throughs and conversions, because search engine users are looking for your brand and are thus highly qualified. Second, because branded keywords are so relevant, branded campaigns tend to raise your Google Quality Score, leading to improved PPC results across the board. Finally, branded campaigns prevent unscrupulous competitors from targeting your branded keywords and, in effect, taking leads that belong to you.
  2. Link Building. The quantity and quality of links pointing to pages of your website is an enormously important SEO ranking factor for Google — and an area where many companies fall short. An excellent way to improve your link profile is to create content that attracts multiple links. There are hundreds of ways to do this. For example: Create a piece of “evergreen” content on your website, such as a glossary of important terms in your industry. Alert publishers of websites and blogs in your niche and related niches of its existence, and ask them to link to it.
  3. Local SEO. Does your business need local SEO? Even if you are a national or global business, local SEO may be more important than you think. Big brands use local SEO techniques to build market share in strategically important geographic markets. This is a highly effective strategy, because when competing for local searches, competition is reduced, setting the stage for bigger gains in traffic and conversions. Local SEO employs a wide range of specialized techniques and has become an important area of specialty within the broader SEO world. Determining whether and how local SEO fits into your overall strategy starts with an in-depth keyword and competitor analysis. If you have not done this in a while (or ever), it is well worth doing now.
  4. Mobile-friendly Websites. Having a mobile-friendly website is becoming ever more important to making SEO campaigns, and Internet marketing in general, successful. Did you know that mobile Internet access now exceeds desktop access? Chances are, a substantial and growing number of your website visitors are using a mobile device. If your website delivers a poor mobile experience, you are bound to lose leads and/or online revenue. Furthermore, mobile-friendliness is now a ranking factor for Google, and Google is placing more emphasis on it all the time. If you haven’t done so already, convert your website to a responsive design — one that adjusts automatically to different size screens. If you already have a responsive website, the next step is to refine the design and content to maximize usability.
  5. Vetting Agencies. Most Digital marketing agencies talk a good game, so knowing how to vet them is essential. Important things to look for: size, longevity, track record with clients of your size in campaigns with similar objectives, and transparency. Since Digital marketing involves a lot of ongoing communication, relationships are very important as well, so visiting the agency’s offices and getting to know the key players are important components when selecting the right partner for your business.

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