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Every veterinarian knows the challenge of trying to find more clients. Yet, whether it’s an established practice or an office new to the area, a veterinary office is only as successful as its client list.

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How can veterinarians attract more patients?

The problem, for most offices, is that spending time on marketing takes away from providing care. For vets who don’t have time and energy to waste, working with a veterinary marketing company is a viable option. In a complicated industry filled with opportunities, a veterinary marketing agency can help drive marketing efforts so the veterinary office can enjoy a healthy return on investment.

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Benefits of Working With a Veterinary Marketing Firm

Any veterinary office looking to grow can benefit from the support of a professional marketing company. A veterinary marketing agency can help the practice:

  • Define its brand
  • Identify its target audience(s)
  • Generate qualified sales leads
  • Combine offline and online marketing strategies for better returns
  • Track every click, call and lead carefully
  • Create a competitive, responsive, mobile-friendly web design
  • Produce quality content by professionals
  • Improve search engine results

Content to Drive Improved Outcomes

From blog posts to infographics to pictures and videos, veterinarians have a gold mine of opportunities available with content marketing. Through carefully crafted content — particularly content crafted by professionals at a veterinary marketing firm — a vet office can build authority, amplify branding and more.

  • Email marketing reaches targeted demographics in their inboxes, strengthening relationships with current clients and attracting prospects.
  • A responsive website ensures that every visitor has the same viewing experience, whether on a smartphone or a computer screen. When filled with relevant content, it also helps generate new leads. By partnering with a professional veterinary marketing company, an office can build a great site for attracting customers.
  • Testimonials are a great way to showcase a practice’s value, as told through satisfied clients.
  • Direct mail marketing provides targeted content and offers to existing customers and potential customers. When backed by research and data on the demographics being targeted, this tool can be highly effective.
  • Infographics are a useful, eye-catching way to feature relevant, pet-focused information that draws clients and encourages new interactions.
  • Photos and videos traditionally see high engagement rates, making them another powerful way to connect with prospects.

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In-Office Marketing

Because a practice’s existing clients are often its most useful marketers, finding more ways to improve client satisfaction can also increase leads and conversions. Some veterinary marketing services that can be useful with current clients include branded business cards, mailers, business newsletters and other creative materials kept on hand at the office.

Knowing which veterinary marketing services to focus on can be a challenge for practices, but partnering with a professional marketing firm can make all the difference in knowing where to focus efforts. Straight North is an experienced Internet marketing agency that offers everything from Internet marketing to SEO and PPC.

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