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Anyone who runs a spa knows the importance of ambiance. The same principles that go into creating a certain spa environment apply to a spa’s branding and marketing campaign.

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Good spa marketing involves looking at the big picture — what defines it, what sets it apart from the competition, and who are its customers?

How can a spa wow prospects through targeted spa marketing services? What should those spa marketing services entail? This is why working with a spa marketing agency can be helpful.

A professional spa marketing agency can help formulate a clear, cohesive brand, identify a target audience, and determine what spa marketing strategies make the most sense.

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Selling Spa Services Is About Selling an Experience

One of the first steps in marketing for spas is recognizing the need to sell an experience. Every aspect of the spa — from outdoor signage to web design to customer service — contributes to the overall sense of relaxation and stress relief that entices customers. If any component of the spa’s “experience” doesn’t fit the overall brand, it’s a problem. Working with a spa marketing company can help a spa identify problem areas where its branding is weak or out of place.

How a Spa Marketing Firm Approaches Strategy

Working with a spa marketing company gives spa owners and managers a tailored plan for reaching prospects. An agency knows how to clarify branding and communicate a cohesive message across all platforms. Likewise, it has the ability to research the competition and local industry to know where and why prospects might choose a competitor. After gathering information about a spa, its competitors and its differentiators, a spa marketing firm can create a multifaceted strategy — from Internet marketing to referral programs — aimed at increasing return on investment. 

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Valuable Ways to Reach Spa Prospects

While each spa’s marketing strategy will be different, there are general methods that typically work well. A few valuable ways spas might target customers include:

  • Testimonials. Whether used in email marketing or online videos, customer testimonials are powerful ways to promote a spa’s services. Prospects will appreciate honest, positive feedback from other customers.
  • Internet marketing. Every spa needs an online presence in order to reach customers who are searching for its services via social media and/or search engines. What’s more, through SEO and PPC, companies can increase visibility online so more prospects find their spa.
  • Email marketing: Email marketing and direct mail campaigns offer ways for spas to target customers with relevant information. From discount offers to highlighted services, strategic outreach can be effective for converting leads.
  • Community events. Anything that generates buzz is usually good for business, so spas can sometimes experience good results with community events such as grand openings, open houses and other occasions that attract prospects.

Knowing how to market a spa successfully is part research and part strategy, so any spa looking to improve its marketing efforts will benefit from partnering with a skilled, experienced marketing firm.

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