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Addiction is no joking matter. If you are struggling with lead generation, client conversion, or return on investment on your rehab center/addition clinic’s marketing dollars, here are seven rehab marketing tips we think will help.

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Set a budget.

This will help you avoid spending too much for the health of your clinic, or too little to achieve effective results. Most business experts suggest allocating 20 percent of your monthly revenue to marketing, whether you do it in-house or hire a rehab marketing company. If this seems like a lot, consider that marketing for rehab is an investment, not an expense. When done properly, your returns will eclipse the amount that you spend.

Think results. 

Too many addiction facilities make the mistake of throwing money at random marketing initiatives without having a vision for what they want their marketing efforts to accomplish. Before you spend a dime on rehab marketing services, take the time to set clear goals that are realistic for your budget.

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Get online. 

85 percent of consumers start their search for local businesses online. If you do not yet have a website, start there — a good rehab marketing agency can set up your site with appropriate web design that is compliant with addiction industry requirements. They can also help with Internet marketing tactics such as SEO, PPC management and email marketing to ensure you have a strong online presence.

Follow up — incessantly. 

The addiction treatment sales cycle can be quite long, and the majority of your leads will not yet be ready to commit to working with you. It’s essential to follow up with them, and more so than you probably think. Studies have shown that 80 percent of sales are made after no less than five sales calls. An effective lead nurturing campaign that includes email marketing as well as phone calls not only can increase lead conversion, but also increase the amount each patient ultimately spends with you.


Even the best salesperson is subject to error. The best way to ensure that no prospect or patient falls through the cracks is to automate your marketing. Automating your lead generation, sales and follow-up sequences will not only improve your marketing ROI, it will also result in better customer service — which over time will win you more referral business. A good rehab marketing firm can help you set up the best marketing automation systems for your needs.

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Track everything.

If you don’t know how a marketing tactic performs, how can you know whether it’s worth the investment? Whether you are marketing your addiction center online or off, choose methods that allow you to determine exact results.

Go pro.

It doesn’t take an expert to market a business, but it does take expertise and experience to consistently deliver ROI and maximum results from your marketing dollars. Good marketing is also a time-consuming activity. You may find that hiring a drug/alcohol rehab marketing company pays for itself in more ways than one.

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