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It’s often called the “recession-proof” industry, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to compete. Marketing for plumbers is a constant effort.

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You can’t let up, even when times are good. You stay ahead of the pack by constantly having new business in the pipeline. That’s where a plumber marketing company can give you a crucial boost.

As a plumber, your customer needs are unique. They don’t have time to waste, and they often are running out of patience with their given situation. Your marketing campaign should recognize that so that you can promptly respond.

What does a successful plumber marketing campaign look like? The truth is that Internet marketing is the new frontier for plumber marketing services. And like the most stubborn drain clog, it’s not going anywhere soon. Here are a few strategies that, when executed properly by the right plumber marketing agency, will keep the business flowing.

Classic Word-of-Mouth — Gone Digital

One of the most effective ways to spread the word about a good local plumber was to do a good job and let reputation speak for itself. Neighbors would consult one another during plumbing emergencies, and your company’s name would come up.

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But this isn’t your grandfather’s business.

Reputation and word of mouth are still crucial, but it’s the “how” that has changed. With online reviews and social media, both good and bad news spreads faster than ever. You can’t control what’s being said, but you can manage which message is most likely to be seen. With the right search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) campaign in place, you can shine a brighter light on positive testimonials.

Aggressive Digital Advertising

There’s nothing delicate about plumber marketing services. As with any industry, bedside manner counts — but you’re dealing with customers who need relief. They’re frustrated. They’re disgusted. They just want to take a shower. To them, your straightforward, direct marketing means you care about results.

Search engine and social media marketing, as well as email marketing, are excellent ways to cut through the regular digital chatter and get noticed. An experienced plumber marketing agency knows the right digital avenues to take. An agency knows the search terms those customers are desperately typing into search engines as their toilet is gurgling in the next room.

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Making It Easy

For the same reason, customers in need of emergency or routine plumbing services want an easy process. They don’t like tedious, outdated websites. They want to know that help is on the way after a few simple clicks.

A clean, intuitive web design can significantly streamline the process of vetting local plumbers and booking services. It also shows your potential customer that you’re a professional. A plumber marketing company will put itself in your customers’ shoes to combine the right messaging with impressive design and smart interface.

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