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Does your plastic surgery office enjoy a steady stream of new and returning clients? Do you get calls from new patients who are impressed with your reputation and excited to book an appointment with you?

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Are you happy with your current plastic surgery marketing firm, and/or with the return on investment you are getting for your plastic surgery marketing efforts?

Marketing for plastic surgery can be challenging, especially when you are offering luxury services in a competitive market. If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, a results-first approach — starting with the right questions — can help you zero in on ways to improve your marketing ROI.

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3 Critical Plastic Surgery Marketing Questions to Ask About Your Practice

1. How well is your plastic surgery office attracting your ideal prospects?
The first thing that needs to happen when marketing for plastic surgery is lead generation. To do this properly, you have to first know who your ideal clients are. Once you know this, you can target your messaging and tactics to reach them. For example, if you know your best clients are affluent women ages 45-60 in your local area, you might consider a PPC (pay-per-click) ad campaign on Facebook, or giving a presentation at a local women’s health expo.

These days, most people start their search for a plastic surgeon online. Regardless of who your ideal client is, search engine optimization (SEO) of your site is a very important factor. This will help your practice attract a greater share of potential clients who are actively looking for your services.

The final step in client attraction is to be sure your image and messaging appeal to your ideal clientele. Excellent graphics and web design will help you stand out from your competition online. Offline, be sure to keep your office décor and exterior clean and up to date. It’s also very important to include strong calls to action on all of your PPC and other advertising, as well as in your content pieces. Including an irresistible offer such as a free “Your Ideal Self” consultation is a great idea, too.

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2. How well are you converting your plastic surgery prospects into patients?
Once you’ve got their attention, you’ll need to convince your prospects that you’re the plastic surgeon for them. This starts with gaining their trust, which means lots of client education. Online, you will want to consistently offer lots of helpful information on your blog, through social media, and by guest posting on other sites. These are also great for SEO. If you are working with a plastic surgery marketing company to boost your search engine optimization, make sure they are publishing content that is truly accurate and helpful to your audience. As a general rule, the better the impression you can consistently make on your prospects before they call, the easier it will be to convert them into clients.

It’s also very important that your online marketing funnel is working properly. A good plastic surgery marketing agency will make sure that your ads have a favorable conversion rate.

3. How effective are your patient retention efforts?
The easiest client to sell to is an existing patient. The second easiest is someone who has been referred by an existing client. Are you consistently communicating with your patients to ensure you stay top of mind with them and to let them know about all of your offerings? If not, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much additional business you can generate by implementing an email marketing and/or social media campaign for your practice.

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