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Personal services, whether you have a photography business or run a place of worship, are types of services where interaction with people is essential to what you do.

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While many personal services companies grow entirely through word of mouth, you may find yourself at a point in growth where you want to take your personal services marketing to the next level.

These tips for marketing for personal services will help you continue to run your business well, while growing it at the same time.

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Get Involved With Social Media

When people talk about the photographer, hair stylist, DJ, caterer or other personal services provider they recently used, they’ll likely mention it on social media. For example, if you knocked the socks off a client who praises you on Facebook, but you don’t have a page to tag, you are missing out on traffic from potential new local customers. Create social media pages — starting with Facebook and LinkedIn — and keep them fresh with current, regular postings. Talk to a professional services marketing agency to ensure you are using your social media accounts wisely and professionally.

Create an Optimized Online Presence

Create a website. A strong, easy-to-navigate web design is the first step, followed by optimizing the site to maximize visibility via search engines. This involves search engine optimization (SEO) to make it rank in one of the top spots when someone searches for the service you provide in your geographic area. To ensure your SEO efforts are effectively hitting your target audience, partner with a personal services marketing company for help.

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Use Advertising Dollars Effectively

If you are going to pay for online marketing, make sure the money is going toward effective marketing. One of the more effective types of advertising for local businesses, like most personal services, is pay per click (PPC) — which allows a business owner to purchase links that appear in search engine results.

PPC advertising is cost effective because you pay only when someone clicks the link. With the help of a personal services marketing firm, you can choose the right keywords to put these ads in front of your target audience. Use your PPC campaigns to also send people to landing pages — where you can capture email addresses, and funnel prospects into your email marketing.

Remember Offline Options

Don’t neglect offline options, as word of mouth and local marketing remains effective for personal services. Here are some places/ways you can attract new clientele with offline marketing:

  • Trade shows
  • Local festivals
  • Community boards with flyers and posters
  • Business cards handed out through local marketing

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