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It’s a competitive health care market, with more practitioners and specialists than ever targeting the same audiences. That’s why, for surgeons, clinics and other practices that want to attract new patients, making the most of orthopedic marketing is crucial.

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One Key to Effective Orthopedic Marketing

When it comes to making the most of health care marketing, the most important tool is strategy. Practices need data-driven, research-backed methods to promote their services if they’re going to build business. This is where an orthopedic marketing company comes in handy. A professional orthopedic marketing company specializes in knowing the industry and analyzing the competition. It can create custom programs for clients, all aimed at achieving measurable goals.

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Types of Orthopedic Marketing Services Today

A custom program from an orthopedic marketing agency may include any number of marketing techniques and strategies, from email marketing to branded creative materials to Internet marketing. Since each unique program is crafted to serve the needs of the client, it may include any of the following orthopedic marketing services:

  • Branding: Good marketing starts with good branding — both online and offline. To effectively reach customers, orthopedic offices need clear logos, messaging and content that all works cohesively. Creating a strong brand can be challenging for surgeons and office managers, so working with an orthopedic marketing agency can be a huge asset. An orthopedic marketing agency can help define a brand to help build a strong foundation in all its marketing efforts.
  • Internet Marketing: Internet marketing includes everything from initial web design to search marketing (SEO and PPC) to increase that website’s visibility. Likewise, email marketing provides a way to connect with targeted demographics right in their inboxes. Through personalized, strategic content, orthopedic offices can build authority, strengthen relationships and drive more leads.
  • Branded Creative Materials: Any local business knows that becoming better known in the community means hosting and attending community events. For orthopedic practices, this could include educational events, speaking engagements, sponsoring sports events, and more. At all such events, it’s helpful to have branded creative materials to hand out. By providing business cards, brochures and other materials to people who interact with the practice, offices can try to stay in the minds of customers. A professional orthopedic marketing firm can help a business by designing everything from PowerPoint presentations to educational pamphlets, all in ways that enhance marketing.
  • Referral Incentives: Happy patients are a practice’s best marketing tools because their honest feedback to friends and colleagues helps drive more business. To encourage more referrals, an office might make it a habit to request referrals, as well as provide some sort of incentive to new patients that existing patients can offer their friends.
  • Blogging: As part of a full Internet marketing program, blogging is a way to reach patients and potential patients conveniently online. What’s more, it helps position a physician and a physician’s office as experts in the field, making them more desirable to prospects. 

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