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In today’s competitive health care industry, both mental health professionals and mental health clinics need strategic, savvy marketing strategies in order to capture their slice of the market share.

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Patients are likely to shop and compare options before choosing a specific clinic or care provider. They’re not typically looking for a care provider, but rather the best care provider. This is why mental health marketing is so important. To stand out and be chosen by patients again and again, anyone in the mental health market needs keen strategies for attracting customers.

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What are some of the best ways to implement marketing for mental health companies? How can mental health professionals communicate their value differentiators to interest customers? Consider the following key strategies:

  • Clear Branding. A good marketing strategy starts with good branding. Each behavioral health care organization needs a clear, concise branding message and accompanying imagery in order to communicate effectively with its audience. Working with a mental health care marketing company can help a clinic or facility put its plan into words, while also nailing down a target audience to reach with marketing strategies. This makes it easier to focus marketing efforts on what matters most.
  • Internet Marketing. With so many people online for a good chunk of time daily, the Internet is a gold mine of marketing potential. Years ago, prospects may have turned to the phone book to find a care provider, but today they are much more likely to go to a search engine. In order to stand out online, every clinic or care provider needs a responsive web design — something a professional mental health marketing company will specialize in creating. This website provides a way to communicate value, amplify branding, answer frequently asked questions, share testimonials, and make it easy for prospects to contact a practice. Likewise, marketing on social media can be useful for capturing new clients.
  • Search Marketing. Even the best website is a wasted asset if no one’s looking at it. Search marketing exists to drive a clinic’s site higher in search results, making it easier for prospects looking for mental health care. A mental health marketing firm might use search engine optimization (SEO) and/or pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to increase a site’s visibility and generate more leads.
  • Email Marketing. Email marketing campaigns, when carefully planned, are ways to target prospects through their inboxes with relevant information tailored to them. A clinic may build expertise and authority through content-rich emails to current and prospective patients, or it may share testimonials and positive feedback from past clients. A mental health marketing agency will be able to determine the best content to improve outcomes.
  • Referral Incentives. Mental health facilities find many new patients through referrals, so anything that can encourage more referrals taps into an already powerful marketing strategy. One useful tool is an incentive program that rewards patients for sending new clients to a facility.

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