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Eight out of 10 people use the Internet to search for health information, which is often the first step toward booking an appointment. The second step is to look for an appropriate local provider. And guess what? Online search is the dominant way people do this, too. No wonder marketing for medical practices is happening more and more online.

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Perhaps you are starting a medical practice, or looking to grow an existing one. Or you have an established practice, and need ideas for how to keep up with your marketing in the limited time you have available. Either way, use these medical practice marketing tips to bring new patients from the Web to your door with minimal effort.

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5 Essential Ways to Build a Healthy Online Presence for Your Medical Office

There are so many Internet marketing opportunities these days, it can get confusing. Start with these basics:

  • Professional Web Design: Even if you are a new practice with a limited budget, you shouldn’t compromise on your website. This will be the first impression most new patients have of you. Working with a good medical practice marketing firm will help ensure that your site is easy to navigate and read, looks inviting, and gets people to book with you.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Having a beautiful website with no visitors is about as useful as having a chic waiting room with no one in it. A properly orchestrated SEO campaign positions your site to be found when people search for your services. A good one will also build your credibility and help to establish you as the expert you are, so patients start actively seeking you for that expertise.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Search engine optimization is essential and a powerful way to bring visitors to your site, but if you want to reach a lot of people fast, nothing beats a good PPC campaign. Effective PPC management requires a great deal of strategic expertise. If you do not have an online marketing expert on staff, consider enlisting the help of a medical practice marketing agency with a proven track record of delivering ROI.
  • Social Media: Trust is a critical factor in most people’s choice of medical provider. There are many ways to build trust in your practice, but one of the most powerful is to leverage the power of social media. Use Facebook and other online social platforms to post useful information, introduce new services, build credibility, and show your patients and their friends you care.
  • Email Newsletter: Once they’ve come to trust you, it’s important they not forget you. Email marketing is a very cost-effective way to stay in front of existing and prospective patients. It’s also an excellent customer service tool.  Consistency is key to making email marketing pay. If you don’t have the time or expertise to send regular updates to your list, your medical practice marketing company can help you do this.

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