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From boat manufacturers to marinas, any company that sells marine-industry products or services needs a way to set itself apart in the marketplace to be able to grow. Every ship builder or boat broker already understands the industry is competitive.

That’s why, to be the brand that captures new sales dollars, marine companies need strategic marine marketing that makes them stand out. With that in mind, a marine marketing company is able to provide industry insight, research on the competition, and a variety of marine marketing services aimed at generating and converting new leads.

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Challenges of Marketing in the Marine Industry

What’s common in marine marketing today is the tendency to get stuck in yesterday’s marketing strategies rather than moving forward. Too many boating and yacht companies will spend their time and effort communicating product specifications rather than selling a specific experience their products can create, for example. Their advertising will look like every other competitor’s advertising, making it hard to stand out. What marine brands need is the help of a marine marketing agency that can evaluate the industry and create a comprehensive marketing strategy to attract new prospects.

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Types of Marine Marketing Services an Agency May Use

Whether a company is trying to reach boat builders, distributors, product buyers, marina professionals, dealers, manufacturing reps or designers, it will find more success when it utilizes a strategic marketing plan. A professional marine marketing company analyzes both the market and the competition in order to develop a data-driven marketing campaign to grow business. That campaign may include any number of services, such as:

  • Professional Branding. Working with a professional marine marketing agency means gaining expert design skill to customize and market a brand. The right logo and brand image can make all the difference for a low-cost, high-impact business statement — one that can be used on business cards, brochures and other marketing materials.
  • Direct and Email Marketing. What direct mail and email marketing have in common is they allow a marine company to target leads with personalized messaging — right in their mailboxes or email inboxes. An agency helps a brand craft and manage mailings to achieve the best results.
  • Internet Marketing. No marketing plan today would be complete without an online presence. With so many consumers and businesses going online for information and resources, it makes sense to create a responsive web design that appeals to them. Other helpful strategies may include search engine optimization (SEO) to improve organic search results, and PPC to get a company ahead of the competition in search engines.

While there are plenty of marketing options available today, the key to using them effectively is strategy. That’s where a marine marketing firm comes in handy. By analyzing a brand, its competition and the overall marine industry, a firm is able to strategically craft services in a way to improve leads and outcomes.

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