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Recreational hunting companies cover a broad range of products and services: hunting equipment, outdoor gear, hunting lodges, and organized hunting trips and expeditions. In today’s digital marketplace, the primary way that potential customers can find your hunting services or products is through online searching.

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or that reason, it’s important to understand marketing for hunting, and how hunting marketing services can help set you apart from your competitors.

What Should Hunting Marketing Focus On?

Since recreational hunting companies can provide so many different types of products, equipment and services, there’s no one answer to the question of how to market their services. Different types of hunting companies should focus on different audiences and online marketing tactics. For example:

Hunting lodges and expeditions: These types of companies should focus on geographically specific information. Whether your customers are local to the region or are traveling, the “product” you offer is specific to your location, so you want to cater to geographically focused Internet searches.

Hunting equipment providers: Depending on your shipping and fulfillment capabilities, you can focus on a wider geographic area (even, potentially, nationwide or worldwide). Be sure to provide detailed information about your products, including manufacturers, models, characteristics, and more. Safety information is a good way to provide a valuable service to your customers, and you should also be aware of, and provide details on, the laws surrounding shipment of firearms to customers.

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With search engine optimization (SEO), you’re building your website in such a way as to influence Google (and other search engines) to rank your site highly for users searching for relevant keywords. The best way to achieve this is by earning links by creating and marketing useful content. This content should focus on providing value to site visitors, and can be tailored to the subject matter described above. Site design also plays a part in SEO, as the more time users spend on your site, the more highly Google ranks it.


Pay per click (PPC) is another way of getting listed at the top of search engines. Through this method, you (or a hunting marketing agency that you hire) bids a predetermined amount of money to appear on search engine result pages when certain terms are searched. Depending on the competitiveness of the keyword, Google receives money each time someone clicks on the ad and visits your site. With the right choice of PPC search terms and wise ongoing campaign management, PPC can provide a big payoff.

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Email Marketing

For potential customers and repeat customers who have provided you with an email address, email marketing is a way to continue that relationship and remain front of mind for the next time they’re ready to purchase equipment or take a hunting trip. A hunting marketing company can help you to set up a robust email marketing pipeline to provide the right content and information for people at different stages of making a purchasing choice.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is important for all industries, and hunting is no exception. All of the above methods, along with your website, social media presence and other channels, add up to the sum of your Internet marketing efforts. With the weight that today’s consumers place on the results of Internet research, the important of Internet marketing can’t be underestimated. Hunting marketing firms can consult with you to help make sure you’re doing everything you can.

Web Design

With the right web design, you can keep visitors on your site longer, make them want to learn more about your company and products or services, and eventually give yourself a better chance of being their choice to make a purchase. Good web design goes far beyond looking nice; it takes the overall customer experience into account. Be sure to consider that as you review and potentially redesign your site.

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