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In a world where home sharing is all the rage — not to mention there are more hotels in the marketplace than ever before — hotel marketing is vital for hotels that want to attract travelers and stay ahead of the competition.

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To do this, any hotel or hotel chain that wants to stand out needs clear, cohesive branding and clever hotel marketing services aimed at targeting segments of consumers with relevant messaging and offers. How can a hotel better strategize to reach its audience? Which hotel

marketing services are worth pursuing? What makes the biggest difference in terms of building business? The key is to work with a hotel marketing agency.

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What a Hotel Marketing Company Offers

The beauty of partnering with a hotel marketing firm is that a hotel gains professional support in establishing a clear brand, communicating that brand across various platforms, researching the competition, identifying a target audience and more. Driven to achieve measurable results, a hotel marketing agency is often the game-changer in terms of moving a hotel in the right business direction. It can help the hotel:

  • Create and develop brand awareness
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Use web design and Internet marketing to increase online traffic and bookings
  • Increase online visibility through SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Maintain connections with past clients via direct mail and email marketing
  • Track every click, call and lead

A proven partner trusted by the biggest names in the industry:

Types of Successful Hotel Marketing

While the combination of strategies used in marketing for hotels will differ for each business, there are plenty of winning methods used in the industry. Typically, a hotel marketing firm will utilize strategies such as:

  • Responsive Web Design: Professional web design is a given for any business today, but hotels also need a design that’s responsive — able to display properly on all types of devices. This allows the company to interact with clients who are on smartphones as well as computer screens.
  • Internet Marketing: Driving more traffic to a hotel’s website is often a challenge, but it’s exactly where Internet marketing strategies such as SEO and PPC come into play. Through campaigns aimed at attracting prospects who are searching with relevant keywords, a hotel can attract leads and increase business.
  • Email Marketing: Relevant content sent to recipients’ inboxes can be a powerful way to maintain connections and stay in touch with visitors. A hotel marketing company can help a hotel know how to do this most effectively.
  • PR: Any industry that deals with the public as much as hospitality businesses do can benefit from good press. Hotels can generate buzz through press releases about news, PR events, community engagement and more.
  • Fresh Incentives: Based on a hotel’s intended target audience, there are a variety of ways to use incentives to reach those individuals. For millennials who want to experience more than a hotel stay, a hotel may beef up its social happy hours, yoga classes and/or guest events. For loyal customers, a hotel may use a rewards program as a way of thanking these individuals.

Any hotel that wishes to boost business and get noticed by travelers will find useful assistance in a professional marketing company. Straight North is the Internet marketing agency that specializes in helping companies grow.

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