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In today’s information-driven society, marketing is for more than hotel chains and trip destinations. Just as retail businesses and service providers earn reviews online, so do hospitals and health care providers.

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In this day and age of transparency, it’s more important than ever for hospitals to work to grow their percentage of the market share and capture the attention of prospective patients. This is where hospital marketing comes into play. Through strategic, targeted marketing, hospitals can build a strong reputation that sets them apart in the marketplace, and improves overall business.

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Today’s Competitive Health Care Market

Years ago, patients didn’t have access to the ratings, opinions and reviews that they do today — that information is readily accessible online these days. Search for a physician’s name or a hospital’s name, and one can find detailed information on what that provider offers. This means hospitals are somewhat at the mercy of online information without the help of proactive, goal-oriented marketing — from traditional marketing methods to Internet marketing such as responsive web design and email marketing campaigns.

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Effective Hospital Marketing Services

To create the most effective, research-driven marketing plan, a hospital can partner with a hospital marketing company that specializes in understanding the industry and using strategic services to set the hospital apart from the competition. Some of the effective strategies that might be used include:

  • Branding: For the hospital that doesn’t already have a strong, cohesive brand in place, a hospital marketing agency can create everything from a logo to clear messaging about value differentiators.
  • Web Design: When prospects come to a hospital’s website, they need information that is easy to find and easy to understand. Likewise, they need to have an enjoyable navigating experience regardless if they’re viewing information on smartphones or laptops. A responsive web design creates a seamless experience between devices, and allows a hospital to communicate about everything from services to policies in a clear way.
  • SEO and PPC: Search marketing strategies can build a company’s online presence by increasing traffic to the site. Search engine optimization helps the company rank higher in organic results, and pay-per-click campaigns can get the hospital front and center in search results.
  • Content Marketing: When prospects search for information, they find answers mostly through content. Hospitals can create everything from physician blogs to expert Q&As to build authority, create stronger reputations and attract patients. Along the same lines, email marketing can strategically use content to target specific segments of patients — i.e., pregnancy information to expecting moms, heart health care tips to cardiology patients, etc.
  • Social Media: Hospitals can use social networking platforms to build authority, communicate information, post interviews, share positive stories and more. A relatively low-cost marketing strategy, social media can have remarkably effective results.
  • Community Involvement: As important as Internet marketing is today, it’s only one part of effective marketing. Make sure to consider offline strategies such as community involvement in events, fundraisers, shows, etc. — all ways to interact with the public and generate buzz about the hospital.
  • Creative Materials: A hospital marketing firm can likewise create branded materials — brochures, info packets, business cards, etc. — to complement the overall marketing strategy for a hospital.

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