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No matter what area of the fishing industry you're involved in, marketing should be a part of your plan to attract new customers, and build relationships with current customers.

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Fishing marketing services can be useful for you whether you’re a fishing charter, fishing lodge, or a fishing gear and equipment provider.

Fishing companies provide many different types of products and services, and it’s important to focus your marketing efforts on the right audience using the right techniques.

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Who are the Audiences for Fishing Marketing?

Fishing marketing firms identify several audiences for the fishing industry, depending on the products or services you supply. For fishing charter or fishing lodge providers, your audience is people who are interested in fishing — whether they are enthusiasts or simply interested in trying the activity for the first time. You will probably cater to travelers interested in fishing while they visit your region. For fishing gear and equipment providers, your audience is likely to be more experienced with fishing, and, depending on your shipping and fulfillment capabilities, can be more geographically spread out.

There are different ways to reach each of these audiences via online marketing. Some of them include:


SEO (search engine optimization) efforts for your website can be highly effective for fishing companies. SEO is achieved by producing useful, keyword-focused informational content and then promoting that content via outreach in order to earn links back to your website from other websites. The combination of these activities helps your site rank highly in search engine results. For fishing charter and fishing lodge companies, a fishing marketing agency would recommend maintaining a strong geographic focus so that you can attract potential customers who are searching for your type of service in your specific area. More generally focused content usually won’t be useful, as your audience is limited to those who will be visiting (or reside in) your particular region. For fishing equipment providers, you should be as specific as possible regarding your product line, and should consistently provide useful content such as buying guides and equipment comparisons.


Pay per click (PPC) can supplement your SEO efforts by ensuring that you appear at the top of the results for a particular search. Regionally specific search terms can provide an especially good return on investment, as competition may be lower. Geographic controls on general keywords also helps level the playing field. Companies providing fishing-related products and services should consult with a fishing marketing company to discuss optimal PPC planning.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing can help you to build relationships with your existing customers, or with potential customers who have already contacted you for information. Since most people view excessive email as an intrusion, it’s a best practice to limit your email contact to a few times a month, at most, and to avoid a strong “salesy” message. Instead, use email as a way to stay in communication with potential repeat customers and remain top of mind.

Internet Marketing

Since most people use Internet research to make a decision about nearly any good or service, a strong and cohesive Internet marketing plan is a key to attracting new business for your fishing company. The methods described above, combined with a robust and up-to-date web presence (see below), can help make sure that people get a sense of confidence when they find you while searching for companies like yours.

Web Design

If you haven’t updated your website recently, it might be a good time to think about a redesign. In addition to your loyal, existing customers, there are always new potential customers who want to buy your products or services. An updated web presence can help make sure they choose you, and not a competitor. A regularly updated website can also keep your visitors apprised of seasonal conditions and information, special charter trips or sales on equipment, and more.

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