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Would you like to book your dermatology practice solid, or even expand your office? If that is your goal, creating an effective dermatology marketing campaign that brings profitable patients to your door is a must.

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One of the biggest marketing mistakes dermatologists and other local businesses make is underestimating the power of Internet marketing for local companies. While offline tactics can also be effective when marketing for dermatology, remember that more than 80 percent of consumers take to the Internet to look for local services.  Here are some essential ways to put your best face forward online.

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Best Internet Marketing Services for Dermatologists

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — As a rule, the higher your site shows on Google and other search engines, the more inquiries your practice will receive. Optimizing your site to rank higher than your competitors will, over time, have significant impact on your bottom line. As a benefit, many of the techniques (such as guest posting) that work to improve search results are also effective ways to educate existing and potential clients about your services. If you are practicing in a highly competitive market, you may want to consider hiring a dermatology marketing company with strong SEO expertise to help you create an effective search campaign for your office.
  • Social Media — Social media is another great way to get in front of your online audience, as well as to stay top of mind with current clients. Facebook is always a great place to start, but don’t overlook the potential of other platforms — especially highly visual ones such as Pinterest and Instagram — to showcase your cosmetic and aesthetic artistry.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads — Many local health providers make the mistake of concluding that online advertising doesn’t work if they don’t get good results the first time. Pay per click can pay big dividends once you hit on the right combination of keywords, location targeting and messaging. However, it does require strategic skill and meticulous implementation. If you haven’t had good results with online advertising in the past, working with a good dermatology marketing firm may be the best avenue to making PPC pay for you.
  • Email Marketing — Most dermatologists know that existing clients are far more likely to call for an appointment than new prospects. However, not one out of 100 is leveraging this knowledge to its potential. For instance, do you tell your medical dermatology clients about your cosmetic and aesthetic services? Email marketing is the perfect way to educate patients about your services, and offer specials and sales that induce them to buy. It’s also a powerful customer service tool you can use to help your clients feel important, and to encourage referral business.
  • Online Display Advertising — Don’t be misled by claims that display advertising is dead. Certain types of online display ads can work extremely well when implemented properly. Techniques such as retargeting make it almost impossible for potential patients to ignore your message, and can bring a huge influx of new bookings into your practice when properly implemented. Employing the expertise of a dermatology marketing company will help ensure that your display ad campaign delivers the results you want.

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