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Every charity knows the challenge of donation drives season after season — figuring out how to generate and qualify new leads, establishing connections with potential donors, and maintaining relationships with existing donors.

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Even when one donation goal is met, there’s always another one coming. That’s why each organization needs a customized strategy for building strong relationships with stakeholders and generating new donations. A charity marketing company provides this kind of strategy, backed by careful research of the industry and competition.

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Benefits of Working With a Charity Marketing Company

The hardest part of charity marketing is also one of the most important: strategy. In order to know which services to focus on, and which will provide the greatest return on investment, a charity needs to study the industry and know what will best push it toward its goals. This is what a charity marketing firm offers — industry insight and research on which to base decisions.

Charities that take advantage of professional support in branding, Internet marketing, creative marketing materials and other services can reap benefits such as:

  • Refined organizational branding
  • A more readily identifiable target audience
  • Custom, responsive websites
  • Better lead generation
  • Tracking for every call, click and lead
  • Increased visibility online through SEO and PPC
  • Clear strategies to increase volunteers and donations

Using Charity Marketing Services to Create Community

A charity that builds community is a charity set to reach its goals. How can an organization do this? By working with a charity marketing agency, an organization can attract prospects while joining a community of like minds. It can refine its marketing efforts so everything from web design to email marketing campaigns reinforces the same messaging about brand values and ideals. Professional content creation can drive the kind of cohesive videos, testimonials, blog content, social media content, and more that drives results.

A proven partner trusted by the biggest names in the industry:

Paying Attention to Mobile Marketing

With so many people are on their smartphones these days, responsive web design is crucial for charities looking to reach prospects online. Whether donors or volunteers are being targeted, mobile marketing from a professional charity marketing firm takes into account the unique experience users get on a phone screen.

Search Marketing to Increase Visibility

Even the best website has shortcomings if no one is viewing it. In addition to top-notch website design, charities need strategies that will increase the website’s visibility. Search marketing — SEO and PPC — can help a charity move higher in search results so more visitors find its site and learn about its services.

The bottom line with charity marketing is knowing where to focus. For organizations looking to boost membership, attract new volunteers and/or increase donations, there is much value to be gained by working with a professional charity marketing company.

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