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Car dealer marketing can be a tough nut to crack, if only because almost everything has been tried. You've got your wacky inflatable tube man, your guerilla marketing flyers, your billboards — you've even hired some high school kids to twirl signs and wave at traffic.

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That’s fine for people driving past your dealership, but what about online shoppers? What about the people who don’t live in your area but would be willing to make the trek for the right bargain? You need to go where the action is, and in the last decade it’s dramatically shifted online. That’s where a seasoned car dealer marketing agency comes in. The right tools and strategy can drive your message — whether it’s new arrivals, seasonal deals or simple reminders that you’re a convenient, reliable option — right up to potential buyers. Use a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to plant your flag wherever your potential buyer might wander.

Getting Ahead of Your Customer

The first thing a car dealer marketing company will do is look at your existing marketing tactics and channels. Television and radio still work, but the effectiveness is fading. As such, they’ll focus on your digital presence and ramp it up in smart ways. Do you have active social media accounts? Are you willing to invest in search engine marketing?

A car dealer marketing firm knows how to leverage social media, for example. That can be a combination of “organic” marketing and promoted posts. Facebook and Twitter are excellent tools for marketing for car dealers because you’re speaking to an engaged audience.

Other Internet marketing avenues include Google search and others. A buyer in your vicinity types in “used hybrid”, for example, and boom — a PPC ad puts you at the top of the list.

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Credibility Counts

Of course, they’ll need a place to land, and that’s where SEO and web design come in. Comprehensive car dealer marketing services should include a solid element of site optimization. Not only do you want the experience to be an easy one for your potential buyer, but you also want them to see you as an authority. A car dealer marketing company knows how to give your site an air of confidence that distinguishes you from the competition.

Once you’ve built a solid base, email marketing can go a long way toward word-of-mouth sales. Your car dealer marketing services plan should include a strategy for keeping previous buyers and potential new ones engaged so that when the time is right for them, they remember where to go.

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Keep It Comprehensive

All of this is not to say that you should pack up your longtime friend, the wacky inflatable tube man. Rather, keep his air pump running while you take your car dealer marketing strategy online. A multi-pronged campaign will get you results, as long as you are willing to follow a younger customer base into the depths of the Internet.

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