Your Web Design Firm Should Be Focused On Lead Generation

What you will learn: How to select the right company to build your new website. Who should read this article: Company and marketing leadership.

Design Is Important, But …

When a company builds a new website, it may become obsessed with one element of the project: design. Beware! If the site is being built to generate leads, an obsession with design will reduce or even destroy its effectiveness. Not that design isn’t important – it is. But design, as well as all other aspects of the site, must be evaluated through this lens: Will this design element (or this content, or this functionality) help or hinder our site’s ability to generate leads?
  • If a dazzling design element impresses visitors but impedes their ability to navigate the site, leads will be lost.
  • If an edgy, exceedingly clever page of content amuses visitors but fails to convey the value of the product, leads will be lost.
  • If intricate JavaScript code creates amazing rollover image effects but slows page-loading time to a crawl, leads will be lost.
Consider this as well: design, content and development decisions affect search engines as well as human users. If decisions are made without considering their impact on SEO, far fewer people will find the site when conducting searches. Leads will be lost.

What to Look For in a Web Design Company

There are a multitude of Web design companies to choose from, but very few of them are focused on lead generation. Here is how to find the needle in the haystack, the Web design company that will make your new website a lead-generating machine.
  • The Web design company you’re looking for is proficient in SEO. It follows SEO best practices and has a proven, documented methodology for implementing SEO functionality on the sites it builds.
  • The Web design company you’re looking for is proficient in conversion rate optimization (CRO). It follows best practices for the content, design and development techniques necessary to create an effective conversion funnel that turns site visitors into leads.
  • The Web design company you’re looking for has a full-time, in-house staff deep in experienced copywriters, designers and developers. Optimizing sites for search engines and conversion requires a wide range of coordinated, complex tasks that cannot be executed properly by a confederation of freelancers.

It’s Fun to Be Creative, But …

Here’s a final tip about Web design. One reason companies become obsessed with design is because it’s fun. Thinking about exciting, original design ideas for the new site breaks up the monotony of day-to-day business. However, in terms of lead generation, too much creativity causes problems. In order for site visitors to become leads, they must be able to quickly understand what your company does and why they should care. Anything that confuses or slows down that process gets in the way. Leads will be lost.
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