The Written Word: 3 Ways To Boost Company Credibility

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As of 2015, 67 percent of B2B consumers depend more on content to research and make purchasing decisions than they did a year prior, according to B2B marketing publication site Demand Gen Report.

Since content is such a significant driver in helping to convert a prospect into a lead, it has to be good. It’s important to leverage words with as much power and credibility as possible. What’s one of the best ways to do this? Establish consistency. This helps strengthen your company as one that is trustworthy. The details matter! From sloppy headlines to unclear branding, disjointed content could hinder your business’s lead generation efforts by confusing prospects.

Here are three simple ways that consistent, high-quality content can help boost your company’s credibility:

1. Uniform Headlines

Consider making all headlines from your website’s pages uniform. Meaning, decide if all words are capitalized, only the first word of a headline is capitalized and the rest are lowercase, etc. This is much more visually appealing and will help with cohesiveness across all pages. For example, we implement the following headline rules for all Straight North content:

  • Post Titles Have All Words Capitalized
  • H2 Titles Are Capitalized in Normal Title Case
  • H3 Titles Are Capitalized in Normal Title Case

2. Company Name

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, be sure that your company name is spelled the same across all content — Web pages, emails, social media, etc. Decide on a name and stick with it. Spelling a company name three different ways on a website, for example, could turn off visitors and decrease your company’s authority.

3. Clear Voice

Decide on your company’s “voice” and make sure this style is clearly communicated throughout all of your branding, whether it’s a landing page, blog post or email newsletter. Your content should be centered on what kind of customer your company wants to attract. Write directly to consumers by creating unique content that is catered to your ideal prospect. If one landing page is full of humor and another landing page is extremely formal, this could perplex your audience.

By keeping these suggestions in mind, your business will be well on its way to streamlining content in a manner that makes it look much more seamless and credible to prospects.

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