Writing Effective Website Content For Clients

Are you thinking about creating a new company website? Would your content benefit from a complete refresh? If you have a copywriter on staff or a capable freelancer on standby, then go for it!

But what if you do not have a staff copywriter or a reliable freelance writer, and your new site requires updated content? Who is going to write that content? How will an outside writer be able to learn about your business quickly enough to produce interesting, accurate and lead-generating content?

At Straight North, our professional, skilled copywriters do the job exceedingly well — according to our very happy clients. Here is how they do it.

Becoming an Authority on the Subject

Before the official start of the project, the writer assigned to the project:

  • Reviews the client-submitted questionnaire about the company and its competitors
  • Reads all the content on the client’s current website assuming, of course, that the client has one
  • Searches for and reviews any other relevant online content about the new client, including social media and industry publications
  • Asks questions and gets answers from the sales rep who sold the website and our in-house project manager assigned to this client

Getting Off on the Right Foot

Once the work gets underway, the copywriter:

  • Prepares questions for the client — about the company, its products and/or services and the desired tone — that are brought up during the client kickoff meeting
  • Discusses with our in-house staff the client’s stated preferences versus best practices for home page content
  • Composes content for the home page and a handful of other pages to confirm that we understand the client’s business and have achieved the right tone
  • Writes all remaining pages for the client’s new website based on the client’s feedback from the previous phase as well as content inputs and resources, SEO keywords and knowledge of website writing conventions

Keeping Website Content Fresh

Every new website launch is exhilarating. The site looks and feels fresh and exciting. However, after several years, the content can begin to seem stale both to the company and to repeat visitors, and it may no longer be relevant. Most websites do not require a total redo, but would benefit from a simple refresh.

Here are some quick and easy suggestions for rejuvenating content that you can do yourself or our copywriters can do for you:

  • Put a fresh face on your website by rewriting the home page.
  • Update or rewrite certain pages as necessary.
  • Create new landing pages and add product or service pages as your offering expands.
  • Develop a blog section to present new information as it happens.
  • Check for typos, misspellings and grammatical errors.
  • Make sure that dates or number of years (in business, of experience, etc.) are current.

Let Straight North Wordsmith Your Website

Our copywriters have years of experience in writing websites for B2B and B2C clients, have worked in the business world, have achieved a proficiency with SEO writing, and are well-rounded individuals able to easily grasp and write on diverse topics. We approach each new website project with enthusiasm and a fresh viewpoint that produces great website content again and again.

Need help writing your website content? Let’s talk! We can help you present your company in the best light with a well-written website that gets results.

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